Hawaii Calls



To my islands I return for a visit…the islands where:


Drivers toot their horns, show the shaka sign, or wave at you when you give them right of way or allow them to change lanes in front of you. We say “You’re Welcome” by tooting or waving back.


On the Hamakua Coast and the road to Volcano, drivers of large rigs will slow toward the side, toot their horns, and wave you on…telling you it’s safe to overtake.


Speed limit is 50 mph on highways


Local strangers at airports will give you their luggage carts and welcome you home as one man did at Honolulu Airport. He got another cart for himself.


McDonalds serves Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice.


Sales persons are accommodating with their Aloha and Mahalo and more conversations are based on who they are rather than on corporate guidelines.


There is that spirit of grace in the knowing silence that exists in this place where there are more listeners than talkers, more da kine connections and that relaxed atmosphere: ocean waves coming in to shore, palm trees moving in the breeze, people driving and walking a little bit slower. And that sense of humanity, Hawaiian style, that is still being preserved in the middle of the Pacific.


They somehow make me forget the vog, the humidity, the high prices and Hawaiian Air who won’t let me change my reservation.











I tried to change my date of return from HI to CA…since I used my mileage plus for my fare, I can’t change it . They do have seats but since I used 40,000 miles for my fare, there is something crazy about “no seats available” since I used mileage plus.  BUT if I paid for the seat with MONEY,  I would have a seat. To get my 40,000 returned, I need to pay $100 for transfer fee. $100 to hit a few keys to return my mileage to my account.  President Dunkerly, can you explain why there is no seat, when physically, there are seats available. I have flown Hawaiian Air my whole life since childhood in Hawaii. I know, that doesn’t count…only $$$$ does?

Drop by and say hello…these are my Fall lecture events:


Sat., Sept. 20 at 1:30 pm

Basically Books

160 Kamehameha Ave., Hilo, Hawaii 96720

I will be on a panel with other authors to discuss memoir writing based on Writing the Hawai’i Memoir by Darien Gee

Contact:Christine Reed

808-961-0144, Fax: 808-935-1553

Toll-free: 1-800-903-6277




Wed., Sept 24: Hilo Hawaii @ 5 p.m.

The Art of Caregiving…

Hilo Alzheimer’s Association

County Office of Aging: Kinoole St.
Contact: Chris Ridley: 808-443-7360
Mon., Tues., Sept 29 & 30: Honolulu HI

Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society 18th Biennial Conference: Imagine 2030…Mobilizing

Our Communities Across Generations.

My session: The Future of Caregiving: Writing and Poetry to Preserve Our Humanity”

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach
Tues., Oct 7: Honolulu HI

Kapoho, Memoir of a Modern Pompeii

15 Craigside, 3:30pm

Contact: Cookie Nakai: cookie.nakai@15craigside.org


Fri., Oct 17: Leeza Gibbons radio Talk Show: Leeza’s Care Connection

Poetry and Caregiving

Time: 10 – 11 a.m.


Mon., Nov 17: San Mateo

Kimochi: 453 North San Mateo Dr

Time: 1 – 2:30

Title: I Am Somebody: Dignity in Caregiving

Contact: Liz Bissell (650-346-0849)


Tues. Nov 18: San Francisco

San Francisco Family Caregiver Alliance

1715 Buchanan St San Francisco

Title: I Am Somebody: The Art of Caregiving

Contact: Fumiko DiDomizio (425-931-2294) ex.127


 2015 ( Details to follow )


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council. Inc.
Kahului, Maui
Executive Dir: John Tomoso


Maui County Office of Aging



So we work hard for our income, pay U.S. taxes because we are Americans. So do we spend this hard earned money at Burger King who has escaped to Canada so they don’t need to pay their share of  U.S. taxes?

Not me. I had my last veggie burger and fries at Burger King.

Walgreens and me

Recall my battle with their pharmacy dept?

So I walked into Walgreens here in Sacramento and for the first time, I am

greeted with “Welcome to Walgreens.” Ha. I’ll bet there’s a district manager or the big honcho in disguise here.

It was easy to spot him. He was dressed in a suit with a pen and pad in hand. The manager was in a suit alongside him.


Me: Are you the district manager?

He: Yes.

Me: I thought things were different here today with all the friendliness. I had an issue with Walgreens some months ago which went to the Corporate Office.

He wanted to know all about it so I related the rudeness of the pharmacists and their lack of communication skills when they spoke to the elderly.

“But, “ I said, “looking at the manager standing by uncomfortably, “this is not a local problem. I was on Mercer Island in the state of Washington recently , and I encountered the same behavior. So there’s a large gap between what goes on in your stores nationally  and your Happy and Healthy ads.

He thanked me profusely but I knew he wanted to kick my butt.

Ha…our petition to stop Walgreens from relocating to Switzerland to avoid paying US taxes worked!

The next day, no District manager, no welcoming party. Business as usual.

Don’t tell me there weren’t damages on the Big Island. The residents in the Kapoho part of the island must be hurt to hear  media report  damages were at the minimum. They are still  out of electricity, water, no cell or land phone services. One resident told me over the phone, “We’re living in Kapoho again.”

The American Red Cross didn’t come through at various centers. A few residents waited two hours in line and had to walk away without water. There weren’t food and cots at one center. There were days for prep.

On the national media level, and here in Sacramento, too, they need to learn their geography. Many anchors  were giving out news from Waikiki showing blue skies and sun bathers while the eye of the hurricane  was passing over the Big Island. Hawaii is not Waikiki.

There’s also some looting so my question to the Civil Defense is: Isn’t there a way to work with communities before disasters strike? Develop a sense of one’s humanity to another and create a community spirit throughout the entire state so one’s spirit  of honor and kindness is kicked in,  the minute disaster occurs? Just a thought.

Hawaii is not receiving the help they need because of media coverage among other things.



So, after attending the monthly NCPA ( Northern CA Publishers and Authors) meeting , I went to Shell Service to gas up and used their water to clean my car windows. I went over them twice and did a good job, using their precious water. Less than a block from the service station, SPLAT, a bird left  its Picasso  on my windshield. I laughed thinking now what did I do to get such “Bachi.” Bachi in Japanese means punishment through spiritual intervention.

Or was this just an intervention to remind me that the true literary world covers the best in literature down to bird poop?

I decided to have some fun with that bird so I took this photo, send it to all my nieces and nephew and called it a contest. The person to identify this gets first prize. It does look like a piece of art, doesn’t it?


A place of prayers for world peace and the souls of the atomic bomb victims
Peace Park

Nagasaki Peace Park is built on a low hill to the north of the hypocenter of the atomic bomb blast. It was created to represent the wish for world peace and a vow that such a tragic war would never be repeated. The park features the 9.7-meter-high Peace Statue symbolizing the Nagasaki citizens’ wish for peace. Sculptor Seibou Kitamura, a Nagasaki native, created this statue as a symbol of the divine love and mercy of Buddha. The raised right hand points to the heavens to signify the threat of atomic weapons while the left arm is raised horizontally to represent the wish for peace. The figure’s eyes are lightly closed in prayer for the souls of the atomic bomb victims. Every year on August 9, the anniversary of the atomic bombing, a peace memorial ceremony is conducted in front of this statue and a peace declaration is made to the people of the world. The park also features the Fountain of Peace, which was built in remembrance of a little girl who wandered in search of water. Visitors can also view a row of monuments contributed by various nations that form the zone of symbols of world peace.

  1. Leveled Area:

.7 million square meters (2.59 square miles)

  1. Damaged Houses:
Completely burned: 11,574
Completely destroyed: 1,326
Badly damaged: 5,509
Total structures damaged: 18,409
  1. Casualties:
Killed: 73,884
Injured: 74,909
Total: 148,793

(Large numbers of people have died in the following years from the effects of radioactive poisoning.)

Peace Memorial Ceremony

Fountain of Peace in Nagasaki Peace Park with Peace Statue in the background

Every year, on 9 August, the anniversary of the atomic bombing, a Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in front of the statue and the Mayor of Nagasaki delivers a Peace Declaration to the World.[1]

At the south end of the park is a “Fountain of Peace”. This was constructed in August, 1969, as a prayer for the repose of the souls of the many atomic bomb victims who died searching for water, and as a dedication to world peace. Lines from a poem by a girl named Sachiko Yamaguchi, who was nine at the time of the bombing, are carved on a black stone plaque in front of the fountain. It reads: “I was thirsty beyond endurance. There was something oily on the surface of the water, but I wanted water so badly that I drank it just as it was.”

Peace Symbols Zone

In 1978 the city of Nagasaki established a “Peace Symbols Zone” on both sides of the park and invited donations of monuments from countries round the world. The following monuments can be seen in the park:

  • “Relief of Friendship” from Porto, Portugal (Nagasaki’s sister city), 1978
  • “Joy of Life” from Czechoslovakia, (donated to Nagasaki in 1980). The bronze statue 260 cm in height was made by Czech sculptor Jan Hána (1927–1994) in 1975.[2]
  • “A Call” from Bulgaria, 1980
  • “Monument of People’s Friendship” from the former German Democratic Republic, 1981
  • “Protection of Our Future” from the city of Middelburg, The Netherlands (Nagasaki’s sister city), 1983
  • “Statue of Peace” from the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1985
  • “Maiden of Peace” from the People’s Republic of China, 1985
  • “Flower of Love and Peace” from Poland, 1986
  • “Hymn to Life” from the City of Pistoia, Italy, 1987
  • “Sun Crane of Peace” from the Republic of Cuba, 1988
  • “Monument of Peace” from Santos, Brazil (Nagasaki’s sister city), 1988
  • “Infinity” from Ankara, Republic of Turkey, 1991
  • “Constellation Earth” from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (Nagasaki’s sister city), 1992
  • “Triumph of Peace over War” from San Isidro, Argentina, 1996
  • “Cloak of Peace (Te Korowai Rangimarie)”, by Kingsley Baird from New Zealand, 2006.

Nuclear war ended in Nagasaki

Nagasaki is the period.

Peace starts from Nagasaki.

Dr Paul Takashi Nagai ( survivor)


We sliced the chrysanthemum

Off its stalk

And let it naked in the sun.


My parents did not hear from any of their families after that day.

In 1989, Noriyo and her family moved to Hawaii from Hiroshima. Her grandmother was exposed to the radiation as a child, and was now ridden with cancer throughout her body. Her physician had recommended the mild climate of Hawaii. Noriyo entered my third grade class:


             44 Years Later

a dark mushroom cloud

follows me across the Pacific

into my classroom.


forgive us, Noriyo,

for Hiroshima

and Nagasaki.


        Voice from the Unborn


You promised me, eons ago,

A world, free of battlefields, soldiers, children

Abandoned in fear and hunger.

You offered me Hope, again and again.

A world, you said, where we will stand

Hand in hand, beyond color, religion, gender, age,

One race. One humanity.


You promised me a world

Free of poison in oceans, earth and air.

“You are the future”, you told me,

“Come and be born in this world I will

Create for you.”


My brothers and sisters who believed you

Are now old men and women, and they wait.

They wait.

Nagasaki, they said, was the start of Peace.


Listen to my voice, your unborn child.


Eons ago, you sliced the chrysanthemum

Off its stalk and left it

Naked in the sun.


Over the ashes of Hiroshima,

Our victory was hailed.

Beneath that, my ancestors lay buried.


Stop using me, your unborn child

For promises and meaningless rhetoric.

The future is now. I can’t wait any longer.

The future is now. I want to be born. Today.


                               ©Frances Kakugawa


My good friend Takashi Tanemori invites you to his art exhibit in San Francisco:


Silkworm Peace/Kaiko Heiwa Institute Presents

            An Art Exhibit by Takashi T. Tanemori

                    ~A Survivor of Hiroshima~


“US and JAPAN: A Bridge Between Nations”


2014 marks the 69th Anniversary of the atomic bombings of the Japanese

cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, on August 6th and 9th, 1945. Forever

remember- Never forget. “Today we all must become honest historians. The

greatest way to avenge your enemy is by Learning to Forgive”.

-Sadao and Takashi Tanemori


August 6th OPENING on Hiroshima Day,

Meet and Greet the Artist, 6-9pm


August 9th on Nagasaki Day,

Film Screening and Q&A with Artist, 1-5pm


August 24th Artist’s RECEPTION

and book signing, 1200 to 2:00 p.m.


Artist’s book is available at the website $29.95 (special event price $25)

“Hiroshima: Bridge to Forgiveness” by Takashi “Thomas” Tanemori and John Crump





Elizabeth Weinberg, Emissary Takashi T. Tanemori, Founder

エリザベス ワインバーグ 胤森 貴士 トーマス

Kaiko.heiwa@yahoo.com Silkwormpi-usa@sbcglobal.net


Visit the website: http://www.hiroshima-forgiveness-tanemori.com



The Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St.@ Geary, San Francisco, CA

So…we unplugged the refrig and plugged it in again after 15 minutes.

It began to work so we  didn’t lose any freezer food. Found this info  on-line.

Sears Service came today and gave the following advise:

Unplug – plug

If this Samsung doesn’t work, press two buttons together  for about 5-10 seconds:

Two buttons: Power Freeze and Power Cool.

NOw, why don’t they tell you this when we call in?

Pleasant service man but I couldn’t understand his speech. He groped for the next

English word; His th and s sounds were all z. After I figured this out, communication became less




So our freezer stopped working. I called Sears Service.

Woman asked if we had medications or baby formula in the refrigerator.

Why? She said we would get top priority if we had these in the refrigerator. Otherwise, service will be in three days.

So I lied and said we had meds. ( we do have some Maalox in the door of the refrig.)

Service will be in two days, she said.

I should have said we keep a baby in the refrigerator.

And our freezer is broken, not our refrig.

So all this is a frustrating mystery.

Mr. Sears: Are you listening? Why don’t you have emergency service for appliances that create food rot.

I can live without a broken washer, dryer or a stove. But a freezer filled with good food? Will you pay for rotten food?

So tomorrow I wait between 8 and noon for service.




the larger it grows….the higher it grows…..the lower it stoops.


sunflower humility



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