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I found this “mosquito” on the floor of the bedroom this morning.

I’m told it’s an insect that eats mosquitos. Really? Can anyone verify this?

I think it’s sucking up my sleeping blood, leaving me with a bad case of insomnia.

Anyone with suggestions for a drug free cure for insomnia?


Racism: Nothing’s changed or Has It?

I was a young teacher in Jackson, Michigan in the 60’s. I lived with my high school pen pal and her family for a whole year. One weekend I drove to Mansfield, Ohio to visit the parents of my kid brother’s pen pal.


They had exchanged a few letters in the elementary grades but unlike me, that letter writing stopped after a few months. When the eruption began to destroy our village Kapoho, the pen pal’s mother wrote: “I saw Kapoho in Life Magazine. Will someone please get in touch with me to say you are all right. My son was a pen pal of Albert.” Her letter found us in the small plantation town where we had evacuated to and found residence.

My brother wasn’t interested so I began to correspond with her.

I spent a weekend in their home in Ohio. She invited friends and family to show me off.

Throughout the weekend, I heard the N word over and over as they discussed various parts of their city. Finally I asked, “ Why am I welcomed here when I’m not white?”

“Oh,” she explained. “You’re not black so you’re all right.”

I looked at them and felt racism would always be with us. It was in their kitchen that I realized the depth and culture of racism. I knew that if they sat me down and tried to indoctrinate me into sharing their views about color, they would fail. They would never turn me into the kind of racist they were. So in reverse, nor would I be able to change their views on racism. Both of our views were so deeply in-bedded in us,what were the chances of change?  I speak of the real change, not those imposed by law. It’s a lost cause, I said, and drove back to Jackson, never to return again.

I hope my views can be contradicted by others. Would like to hear from people who will share their own experiences to prove how wrong I was in that kitchen in Ohio.


Price of Beauty

backyard treeLeave it to nature…

you prick your finger with thorns, reaching for that perfect rose…

you grind sand grains between molars, enjoying a mouthful of clams,

and you smell an odor like rotten meat, from our tree that

burst into blossoms two days ago. Someone goofed in nature, that’s for sure.

backyard tree 2

What an honor to return to the Micheal Pope online radio show: Life Is A Sacred Journey. Micheal of Alzheimer’s Services of East Bay makes conversations so easy as an interviewer. Thank you, Micheal, for promoting my newly released book, I Am Somebody: Bringing Dignity and Compassion to Alzheimer’s Caregiving. It is such a joy to converse with someone who holds similar views on caregiving.

To caregivers on the East Bay, we’re planning for a return lecture sometime this year. Until then, click here to go to Blog Talk Radio and hear how our conversation went for about an hour.

All your brain cells that gathered in the DMV office worked.

Got a 100!!! The DMV person said, “And you used the touch screen test, too.!

What spooked me is a friend, same age as I am, failed the test twice, failed the road test and so

I got to believe it was an age thing. Hey World, I defied age today!

Now to the next stress: I need to read my own book just published : I Am Somebody because I’m speaking about the book on radio on Thursday for the Alz Services of the East Bay with Micheal Pope.

I heard it’s a good book and the author can drive legally in CA.

Thanks everyone.

SOS: Help!


At 9:30 tomorrow, Tuesday, please pause and send me through mental telepathy, your brain cells. I’m taking my driver’s license renewal written test. I have put myself into a panic state these past two weeks. I have the DMV manual just about memorized and the numbers are all dancing in my head. Each time I take the on-line sample tests, I’m closer to Fail than Pass.


Five years ago I failed the first test with 6 errors. Five minutes later, I was able to pass the 2nd try with 2 errors. I usually fail objective type tests, will do far better with essays.


Had my first D in an objective test in college. Objective tests are like math equations, things begin to swim in my head as my math brain cells begin to disintegrate.

Now, essay tests are friendlier: During my Freshman year in my History course, the Professor gave me an A even if my essay was off the course. He said,” I’m pleased you still remember my lectures from last semester although they’re not relevant here. “   So I can smooth write myself into passing most essay tests, but can’t do that at the DMV office tomorrow.

No space for comments so I can’t tell the test givers how lovely they look or how my ego will be crushed beyond repair if they fail me and I’m old and poor and need my car to go grocery shopping.


So remember, 9:30, CA time, stop and send me some magic. I will drive you anywhere although I can’t promise we’ll reach there…but I’ll drive you with my renewed license.



Look, look, I can now say that I am an internationally published author!

Teacher You Look Like A Horse (Chinese edition)

My publisher just got a few samples of the Chinese edition of Teacher, You Look Like A Horse! Do you think I should start packing my bags for a signing in Beijing?

Going to have dinner tonight at Panda Express, the only Chinese restaurant in our area, to celebrate!

UPDATE: According to friends we have asked, the title the Chinese publisher gave the book is “A Classroom with No Barriers: An American Teacher’s 30 Years of Memories.” I like that!


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