To Set a Watchman
go set a watchman

Sometimes I do the right thing. Instead of listening to all the bad press on Atticus in Harper Lee’s newest book, I read the book. What a thought provoking book.
I won’t go into details because I don’t want to spoil this for other readers. Harper Lee, thank you.

The last two chapters remind me of a scene between a principal and myself when I was in my late 20’s.
I was Vice President of a teacher’s sorority, ready to lead the group in a year. I visited the main office in the Midwest and came home and resigned.

“They are bigots,” I told my principal. “I want nothing to do with them. They don’t allow blacks in the sorority! Even their walls are white!”

“So you plan to be a coward,” the principal said. “IF you are true to what you say you believe in, you would stay and make changes instead of turning away. You’re as bad as they are. So you’re going to quit each time you meet up with people who don’t share the same values as you? You’re a coward. Stay and go on to the national level and repaint those walls.”

I didn’t listen and took the easy way out and quit.

I leave you with one thought on Go Set a Watchman. So I see a group of Klansmen. How do I know if one of the Klansman is not there to bring about changes…to get into the heads of the Klansman. To see the leader’s face? What if, to end the work of the Klansmen, he is there to study first what he needs to dismantle? How fast we judge without going beyond the masks and words and outer behavior of our surroundings. Sometimes we are as bad if not more than those we despise.

Yes, I’m glad I read this book.

WW in Tokyo

Thank you Susan Branz, for this photo of Nozomi Hotta and Wordsworth in Tokyo.
Nozomi-san, domo arigato. Here are some fast haiku written over breakfast this morning:

The rising sun glows.
Aloha. Konnichiwa.
Needs no translation.

Will I become Japanese
In a yukata?

Wordsworth’s images
Transform into black kanji
Over coke on ice.

Page turns in light breeze
Wordsworth lands on Edo shores
Bright flash! Peace begins.

Thank you, Keiro Healthy Community, and the East San Gabriel Japanese Community Center. It was an honor to give the keynote address at your Caregiver’s Edition conference last Saturday in West Covina. To all who attended, your attendance and personal comments came home with me. Thank you, too, for purchasing my books. It’s an author’s dream to be faced with a line of people with books in hand, signing for two whole hours. It’s not easy to be humble after being treated with such graciousness and kindness.

Keiro book linekeiro

When is greed going to end?
I had to make a reservation change with Hawaiian Air today. I was charged $244.50 for this change. Mr. Mark Dunkerly of Hawaiian Air, are you listening? It took only a few computer keys to make this change…how can it cost $244.50?

While I’m on the soapbox, why does Hawaiian Air charge the same amount to flights between islands…be it a half hour or an hour flight, it costs the same. On my last flight between Hilo and Maui, I was flown in a two propeller plane…suddenly I was back in 1942!

My next lecture

To my friends in the West Covina area, drop by to say hello. I’ll be speaking at:
Genki Conference: Caregivers’ Edition
Saturday, July 18, 2015
East San Gabriel Valley Japanese Community Center.
Sponsored by: Keiro Health Senior Health Care

Title of my lecture: Caregiving, a Gift and Legacy
My books will also be available for purchase.

MY TV Debut

On July lst, Oceanic Channel Time Warner and Core Group One launched a new TV station called iAGE and Wordsworth the Poet from one of my children’s books and I are part of this debut. I will be featured under Talks with Frances and my Wordsworth Dances the Waltz is now an animated film.

I had the pleasure of spending two days in Hawaii filming and taping for this channel. What a venture entering the world of filming.

Wordsworth and I see children watching his story with their grand- or great-grandparents followed by some personal conversations.

The iAGE Channel can be seen on Oceanic Channel 342 or 1342. The programs are on-demand, where viewers can select and watch any program any time of day. Viewers use their remote control to choose a video. Right now the iAGE Channel is only in Hawaii, with mainland markets in the planning stage.

So friends in Hawaii, please turn to this station and feedback will be appreciated. If you don’t watch this, how will I become that actress I so dreamed of becoming growing up in Kapoho?

asagao ya ah, asagao ya, ahhhh asagao ya

asagao ya
ah, asagao ya, ahhhh
asagao ya


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