A  Plea

They call me ugly.

They call me names.

But I don’t cry.

I feel nothing.

They call me ugly.

They call me names.

I feel sad.

I feel mad.

But I don’t cry.

I feel scared,

Oh so scared

Of thunder and lightning

But I don’t cry.

I feel different.

So please stop.

That’s not nice.

Don’t be mean.

I have muscles.

And I don’t cry.

I feel nothing.

By Mr. Kramer’s and Mrs. Williams’ classes

The students, ages 18-22,  all won my heart.I had the honor of visiting two classrooms of students who live with Autism.It all began with my children’s book Wordsworth the Poet.Janet, one of the  students with autism,  found so much comfort and joy with Wordsworth, that she and her family invited me to read Wordsworth the Poet to her classmates. Wordsworth is a little mouse poet and that is the cause of his problem. People make fun of him and call him different. But he continues to be a poet and at the end, his family, friends and villagers accept him for who he is.

“They still cannot understand why Wordsworth is what he is. They still cannot understand

how Wordsworth can feel and see so many things. But they no longer worry about him or make fun of him. Now they look at Wordsworth and say, “Wordsworth is a poet.”

Excerpt from Wordsworth the Poet


The song is dead.

The swordsman takes

The Victor’s stance.

But somewhere, still

A newborn child

Hears the promised song.

Thanksgiving Art


Did the Pilgrims, too,

Chop up art for their harvest

Happy thanks giving.

brookdale2016_booksIt was an honor to have been invited to present two sessions at this conference attended by inspiring people from across the United States who are making a difference in our 50 states, working with caregivers and family members who are raising children without their parents.

Whenever I’m on the road, the magic word becomes “Hawai‘i.” What joy to meet three very special people with Hawai‘i connections in Denver this past weekend.

So here we are, the Hawai‘i Foursome: Dr. Matthew Kaplan of Pennsylvania State University, PA; Terri Byers, Director, and Lani Sakamoto, Supervisor, at the Executive Office of Aging, Honolulu; and me.


Dr. Kaplan spent many years at Hawaii Pacific University and now works with Space and Places to build meaningful inter-generational relationships.

Thank you, Mary Asenjo, Carmen Mendieta, and Melinda Perez-Porter of Brookdale Foundation Group for your continuous interest in my work.

The Plus Side

I need to be positive for our country so:

  1. He will get rid of Obamacare and he and all the insurance companies are

going to pay for all our insurance. What’s a few trillions for him?


  1. He will build that wall so U.S. citizens don’t need to escape over to the other side.


  1. A month after being in office, he will use his money and not wait for Congress and

and will start all the factories going as he promised. Jobs for everyone.


  1. A good role model: We don’t have to pay taxes like our president. Think of how much we’ll save.


  1. Men, you can grope women like your role model.


  1. Labor laws: He will return all his made in China ties and suits and all products will be made in US. More jobs and factories.

7. Toy companies on the rise for our economy…with Barbie Doll as the new woman.

Stay tuned for more positives…

I was on the program to speak at an event for caregivers yesterday here in Sacramento.  Before my presentation, I was sitting at the table where all my books were on display, for sale. A man came over, looked at the books, then at me and asked, “Did your husband write all these books?”

What? Women can’t write books?




It came on cat’s paw.

Obscured acute black edges.

A Monet morning.


Hunger awakens.

Monet loses his paint brush.

A bowl of pea soup.