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caregivers capture

the ah-ness of a deep breath

a haiku moment


There is a magical process occurring among the caregivers in our poetry support group as I write this.

Who would have thought a few minutes devoted to haiku writing would have turned into a haiku marathon. Within hours, emails  arrived with haiku poems  written by my caregivers. I am possessive here since they belong to my poetry support group.

Their  haiku poems which appear below, show what happens when a simple form of poetry is put into the hands of caregivers, post and present, whose minds have no locks. Just as they have taken every aspect of  caregiving with diligence, bravery and  love, they  have taken their pens to still another level of being artfully human. Caregiver Julia Couzens  insightfully called this  new adventure,  “the art of distilling the now.” Ah Basho, Shiki, Buson, are you smiling as you see how this art form has added still another dimension to caregiving: A haiku pause that takes only 17 syllables; a very affordable pause, time-wise,  in their busy lives, a pause that often takes them to other places.Here are a few from their incredible spirit…

          Caring for Papa

          Also working remotely

          It must be Friday


The door squeaks softly

 A sound “anybody there?”

 Morning has started.



 On lap, poodle sleeps

 Head pillowed on typing arm

 Small “woof.” Email sent.


At the computer

Haiku written and erased

Now, this one is done.



         sealed she in glass

         decisions print inked  black

         spring “spectations damped



Oh great banyan tree

With arms outstretched far and wide

In warm aloha.




Find the yellow piece.

A gnarled hand responds slowly

And finds the right spot.



The lone turkey hen

Limps slowly, trying to follow

Her feathered family.



 staring at computer

 groping for words of haiku

birds frolic in trees.



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Caregiving Haiku

Ah Haiku. I devoted the last 20 minutes to haiku writing today,  at our monthly caregivers’ writing support group. To jump-start their pens, I wrote the following tonight while listening to Charlie Rose.

It was an intense two hours as we, through poetry and conversations, explored dying, knowing when to let go,  and other aspects of caregiving that are making incredible life changes in all of us.  We meet behind closed doors to keep our laughter and tears within our walls. I walked out deeply moved by the depth of compassion and knowledge about self, expressed by the caregivers.

I dip pen in ink

Ah, my first haiku on grief.

Splat!A Rorschach blot.


She stares into space

I turn the volume up high.

We dance on waxed floor.


i tiptoe softly

in the silence of the house

how loud her absence

( appears in Breaking the Silence)

Won’t you add your haiku under Comments?

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