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Arden Fair Mall: $$$$ over Common Sense


Arden Fair Mall banned me from walking the perimeters of the mall. I’m the only walker, see photo. I walk three feet away from Arden Way sidewalk. It’s so much safer. This has been going on for two months.

I spoke to their Corporate Office and tried to tell him:

  1. I wear a mask.
  2. I’m the only walker
  3. An elderly man with a walker walks about 100 feet back and forth about five times in one corner of the parking lot. He, too, is banned.
  4. Many mall workers do not wear masks.
  5. Two city buses park in the mall and their passengers do not wear masks.
  6. Food delivery drivers to restaurants do not wear masks.
  7. I often need to walk three feet over to their parking lot when I see bicyclists or someone walking toward me on the side walk, or see a homeless person sleeping near by.
  8. I’m forced to walk over to their lot when their sprinkling system sprays over sidewalks onto the street or when their workers are working near the sidewalk.

I’m yelled at by security guards when I’m on their ground except for one who ignores me.

I called their corporate office and before I could explain, he began to describe the two new shops that will  be added to the mall and how I will enjoy the mall when it opens. I interrupted him and asked, “Is your answer yes or no to my request?”

He said, “No, because we do not want you to infect others.”

He confirmed my belief that most corporate offices are not human, they are robots who only see dollar signs. Human needs do  not compute in their system. This would have been a good time for Arden Fair Mall to dig deeply into their humanity and common sense to help resolve human problems instead of seeing people as incoming dollar signs.

The mall opened yesterday and I’m not going near that mall; they might infect me.

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6 Feet won’t protect you.

In Sunday’s NYTimes,  it’s clear by illustrations that a sneeze from a person with Covid-19 can cover a person 6 ‘ away. No one seems to know where this 6 ‘ protection came from as research hasn’t been done.

WHO says 3 feet, CDC says 6 feet, MIT says 25 feet.

MIT says a sneeze can reach someone 22-25 feet away. First they said it’ not airborne, now they are saying it is.

Until the facts are in, I plan to go with MIT and leave the guess work to the White House.  Better safe than sorry. I suggest you do the same .

Stay safe. frances





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I didn’t think I was old. I thought when Andy Williams sang Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Younger than Springtime,  he was singing about me forever. Two days ago, I had to check my birth certificate when our governor said all old people  must be home bound. He can’t be talking about me. Oh no, he was talking about me. So I’m home bound like all the other old people. One last word to you, Coronovirus, and Governor Newsom,  for destroying my delusions.


Do not define me by age.

I am not Roosevelt, Truman,

Eisenhower, or JFK.


Do not define me by blue veins

bulging out on my spidery arms,

my gobbler, once a Hepburn, Audrey.


Do not define me by Rorschach,

On skin brushed with indelible ink.

A Pollock on the wall of MOMA.


Do not define me by a new dance step

Shuffling, shuffling –

My heels replaced by clogs.


I am

a rabbit out of a hat,

a three ring circus without net,

A whodunit without clues.

War and Peace, chapter one,

The second act.


I am

Without epilog.

From Dangerous Woman: Poetry for the Ageless by Frances Kakugawa





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