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So here I am, reading Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket. Wordsworth is in deep grief because his friends are all addicted to their electronic devices. How can he get them back into the real world of friends? An old mouse tells him the answer is in his pocket.

During the reading, I heard a woman say the battery to her phone had died.

A man in the audience later said, “I felt I was transferred to a new dimension…it was so surreal. While you were reading, many were so busy with their electronic devices, they weren’t hearing your story at all. Amazing!”

Yes, Wordsworth has his job cut out for him.


Thank you Christine Reed of Basically Books in Hilo for the standing room only event.


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Life Is An Electronic Game

Flying over the U.S. to NY some months ago, I thought of a way to stop wars.

Pilots flying planes,  can’t see any humanity , just as I couldn’t see any life,  except for

some immobile  shapes suggesting what man had tossed down…concrete cities. There was no sign of humanity from so far above. Not even ant-sized signs.

With our high tech, what would happen if faces of the people being bombed appeared on the screen in the cockpit? What if faces of  children had

appeared over Pearl Harbor, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki or  Iraq and  other countries?  Would bombs have been dropped so easily?

… Drop your bomb… This is who you’re killing… Check their faces… Each is a person just like you… Drop your bomb… But beware… the consequence on your mind and heart…

Oh look. We now have  Drones.

Yes, kill as we do with electronic games.

It’s easy, just press a button.

Take conscience and  soul out of man and what do we become?


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First The mind, What next?…..

Guess what!!!!  I gasped at what I saw at Macy’s today. The electronic invasion has entered our wardrobe, right at our finger tips. It’s tragic enough that they are invading  the minds and behavior of our young people, robbing them of their thinking and creative development, not to mention their ability to express themselves both orally and in written form.   R U w/ me? is not writing!

I worry about the young;  you adults are capable of making your own decisions  but please…do not let  your decisions to totally enter the electronic world  affect the young. It’s our responsibility to preserve the down-to-basics human traits. If you don’t know what these traits are, you’re in big kim chee, as we say in the islands.

Back to Macy’s. I went to the gloves dept and wondered why the gloves looked so strange.

Every glove had a patch of a different color  and rough sand paper-like material   at the tip of the thumb and forefinger. Did they run out of the same material?  They looked flawed; even the gloves made of velvet had a light brown patch at the tip of these two fingers. Why were the Chinese instructed to do this? I tried on a pair and those two spots were like mud on my fingers. They were like four chipped nails on  well-manicured hands.

Ah ha…I got it. We use our thumbs and forefingers for texting. Good grief!!!!

I promise you photos if I can sneak into Macy’s.

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