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Voice from your Child


You promised me

A world, free of battlefields, soldiers, children

Abandoned  in fear ­— hunger —

Children, trembling in closets , amidst gunshot fire.


You offered  Hope,  again and again.

A world, you said, where we will stand

Hand in hand, safe, beyond  color, religion, gender, age,

Agenda — politics free.


You promised me a world

Free of poison in oceans, earth and air.

“You  are the future”, you told me,

“Come and be born in this world I will

Create for you. Trust me.”


My brothers and sisters who believed you

Are now old men and women, and  they wait.

They wait.


Stop using me, your invisible child

For promises and meaningless  rhetoric.


Candles and flowers  now fill  spaces

Where  my friends once lived and played.


Listen to my voice.

See me.

The future is now. Today.

Today. Trust me.



Frances H Kakugawa

To honor all the students who are doing what we adults have failed to do.

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