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In a restaurant today, a little boy, age 3 or 4 took his toy gun and began to point it at other diners and “shot” his gun that gave a popping sound.  Al l the diners responded positively, calling it cute and one even pretended to die. He went table to table. When he pointed the gun at me, in a very loud voice to be heard by his parents, I said very slowly, “Do – not – point – your – gun – at – me. That – is- not – a – good – thing – to – do.”  His parent scolded him for bothering me.

I thought of the supervisor of my practice teaching class in college. The children were 4 or 5 and she didn’t allow any guns for share and tell nor did she allow any guns in free play. ” Guns are for killing” , she said, and I took that with me  into the classroom for the rest of my career.

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