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Last night I was told I can’t change my connecting flight from Sacramento to Hilo. Airlines rules. They gave me too short a time to make my next flight. This morning I was told changes can be made for $30. Good. Then in the next breath she said, Wait, it’s $835.45. What? I asked for the President’s name and she said this is not allowed. I asked for her manager and this was not given. After I said I was pursuing this with the Better Business Bureau did she change her quote back to $30. I will pursue this with the Airlines President, their Consumer Affairs and Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau and  the FAA. Hope I can find their President’s name on line. Such a time consuming process to make things right.

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My letter, addressed to Mr. Dunkerley, Pres of Hawaiian Air was once again referred  to Customer Service. This is their response:

“We see that when you exchanged your tickets from departing on June 2nd to May 27th; you incurred a change fee of $200 and a fare difference of $338.38. Hawaiian Airlines will consider waiving or refunding a maximum of $200 for a change fee due to a passenger or family member who are not able to travel due to hospitalization or a medical emergency. As a courtesy, we are refunding your change fees. ($200)  This transaction should be reflected on your next statement or the one thereafter. We are unable to reimburse the fare difference of $338.38. Our best wishes go out to you.”

I still can’t understand how a change in date would cost $338.38 when I had already paid for that seat. I sent this query back. I’m still growling.

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I sent three queries to the President and Customer Service about being charged over $500 for one change in reservation and asked for their rationale behind such a fee.  Each time, I received the same form letter and a copy of the medical release form which requires a physician’s signature and information about a patient’s hospitalization.

I sent another letter, asking for the rationale, and since it would require a doctor’s appt. to get a signature, would Hawaiian Air pay for this doctor’s appointment of over $240? I sent a copy to the Hawaii Business Bureau and to FAA. I noted that this was being returned to grade school where we needed a parental signature for being absent.

Stay tuned.

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My letter to the airline President reached customer service who emailed me by addressing me as Mr. Kakugawa. ( I didn’t correct them, thinking maybe males have more power) They sent me the form to fill out with my physician…it states “Hospitalized patient” so since I was not hospitalized, it doesn’t apply to me.

I asked for their rationale in charging us so much for changing reservations and twice that was ignored. I wrote a letter to Honolulu’s paper: Letters to the Editor and to one of their US senators, Mrs. Hirono,  to do some research in such a monopoly. The senator’s office said since my address is CA, they can’t respond. What???? Mrs. Hirono, you are a U.S. senator.

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I was charged $538.38 for changing my flight back from Hawaii to Sacramento, due to medical reasons. I’m giving the commencement address at my old Alma Mater ( Pahoa High School) in mid May and need to return for some medical tests. One change = over $500.

President  Mark Dunkerly…this is as bad as dragging me down the aisle. How much more money do you want at our expense?

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In the Sunday NYTimes today, Mark Dunkerley of Hawaiian Airlines was featured on how he uses the Aloha Spirit, the deep cultural roots of Ohana and Hui in running the airlines. This is my letter to the editor with copy to Dunkerley.

To the Editor:
Mr. Dunkerley’s definition of Ohana, Hui, and the Aloha Spirit  is exactly the problem.
He relates them to his office view, lunching with his staff, and art work on his jets. I understand now why customer service is not on his agenda. Same fares between islands, whether it’s a twenty minute or a 45 minute ride?
Initially, Hawaiian Airlines was for the people and fares differed between islands.
There are two lounges for first class customers: the more plush for the more elite who are able to afford a higher fee.
Aloha Spirit?
Profit is his goal. Question to Mr Dunkerley: Why was I charged $144 or was it $244,  to change a simple reservation?

No, please have someone redefine  these island cultural traits to you so you can better represent Hawaii at the true Hawaiian spirit. Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t represent Hawaii.  OHana, Hui and the Aloha Spirit go beyond your beautiful office where you use your binoculars to see the city scene. You insult us in Hawaii.
You have not responded to my letters directed to you in contrast to your boast that you read all your letters.

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When is greed going to end?
I had to make a reservation change with Hawaiian Air today. I was charged $244.50 for this change. Mr. Mark Dunkerly of Hawaiian Air, are you listening? It took only a few computer keys to make this change…how can it cost $244.50?

While I’m on the soapbox, why does Hawaiian Air charge the same amount to flights between islands…be it a half hour or an hour flight, it costs the same. On my last flight between Hilo and Maui, I was flown in a two propeller plane…suddenly I was back in 1942!

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