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I am but a morning glory

A fleeting face at Dawn.

In the midst of Chaos,

For one breathless moment,

I bring Joy! Joy!


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Some folks love Spring,

New faces in morning glories,

Cotton blouses and green toe nails.

Winter scarves stuffed into cedar chests.


Some folks love Fall.

The season of sounds.


Summer…I hate summers

In three digit Sacramento heat.


I brought Winter back today:

A mug of Winter –

Hot steamy cocoa –

While the city burned outside.



Summer: 2017

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MG 1

mg 2
Morning Glory

Sometimes we need to look a bit harder to find
beauty in the heat of California drought.
Look what awaited patiently this morn.

Ah, Ms. O’Keefe,
If only I had your brush and your palette
of the blues.

“Come with me,” you would have said,
And together we would have breast stroked
Right into Paradise.

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