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To Homo Sapiens


I am your forest.

The sound of your ax

Silences my voice.

I am your…

I am…




I am Salmon.

I am Black Rhino.

I am Honey Bee.

Soon to be fossilized

Into your earth. Unless


You learn to hear

Hummingbird wings.


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Georgia O’Keefe

My host of flowers leaves me

breathless as your one.


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one daffodil

It wasn’t a host of golden daffodils

Not even one thousand,

But I did gaze – and gazed –

My heart did with pleasure fills

It was only one, the first of spring –

And I did wander lonely as a cloud.

A poet could not but be gay.

In daffodils, one or ten thousand.


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It came on cat’s paw.

Obscured acute black edges.

A Monet morning.


Hunger awakens.

Monet loses his paint brush.

A bowl of pea soup.

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The Sea Meeting Pele

He explodes

Into a million


As her fiery tongue

Laps into

His undulating loins,

Sizzling and burning

Every ecstasy.

frances kakugawa

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Dead Heat


In 106 degrees temperature,

trees stand frozen,

a squirrel pauses in his run

across the street and looks at me

as if to say, “take my coat, it’s yours for free.”


I sit paralyzed, the only movement,

sweat beads down my forehead,

pass my brow, stinging

my eyes in salt baths.

frances kakugawa

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When man-made clouds

Darken our world… Nature reminds us

She is still here.


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