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November is also Alzheimer’s month

A Salute to Patrick at Punchbowl Cemetery (A Military Burial)

                     The soldiers stood cemented to the grassy ground

                     Like statues, while Buddhist sutras filled the air.

                     Movement would dishonor the man who once stood

                     In his uniform, like his comrades today.

                     The three – gun salute, the wailing taps,

                     The precision of the folding of the flag,

                     A salute purified by white gloves

                     For the presentation of the symbolic flag.

                     Each step of ultimate precision, a tribute to dignity,

                     Honor and respect for the fallen soldier,

                     From the country whom he had served

                     With love, dignity and honor.

                     Whatever Alzheimer’s had stolen from him,

                     All was returned to him today.

                     Whatever memories, forgotten,

                     The country that he loved, remembered.

                     A final rest in peace.

                                                     Frances H. Kakugawa

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