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Hi Everyone,

I’ll be speaking at the National Council of Negro Women Alzheimer’s workshop on Nov 18th.

I’ll be addressing how I used poetry, language and story telling to help me turn the care of my mother into a legacy of dignity and compassion, and to know what it means to be human.






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naked cafe

As it turned out, we didn’t have the podcast interview last Sunday but I did read poetry from my soon-to-be-released book of poems: Dangerous Woman: Poetry for the Ageless. And thanks to the audience, by request I read my poems on caregiving from I Am Somebody  and from my children’s Wordsworth the Poet books. AND, excerpts from my Teacher, You Look Like a Horse. What a supportive audience. I enjoyed the Q&A, telling stories of how I started writing poetry,  and my writing process, etc.

My interview has been rescheduled for August 20. Time and site will be posted later.

Yes, that’s my old handbag on the floor and that red feather boa used to add color to one of my poems.

Thank you for all of your who came through the 3 digit heat to support me.

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Yes, please make a line twice around the block.

from: a shameless dreamer

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Drop by and say hello…these are my Fall lecture events:


Sat., Sept. 20 at 1:30 pm

Basically Books

160 Kamehameha Ave., Hilo, Hawaii 96720

I will be on a panel with other authors to discuss memoir writing based on Writing the Hawai’i Memoir by Darien Gee

Contact:Christine Reed

808-961-0144, Fax: 808-935-1553

Toll-free: 1-800-903-6277




Wed., Sept 24: Hilo Hawaii @ 5 p.m.

The Art of Caregiving…

Hilo Alzheimer’s Association

County Office of Aging: Kinoole St.
Contact: Chris Ridley: 808-443-7360
Mon., Tues., Sept 29 & 30: Honolulu HI

Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society 18th Biennial Conference: Imagine 2030…Mobilizing

Our Communities Across Generations.

My session: The Future of Caregiving: Writing and Poetry to Preserve Our Humanity”

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach
Tues., Oct 7: Honolulu HI

Kapoho, Memoir of a Modern Pompeii

15 Craigside, 3:30pm

Contact: Cookie Nakai: cookie.nakai@15craigside.org


Fri., Oct 17: Leeza Gibbons radio Talk Show: Leeza’s Care Connection

Poetry and Caregiving

Time: 10 – 11 a.m.


Mon., Nov 17: San Mateo

Kimochi: 453 North San Mateo Dr

Time: 1 – 2:30

Title: I Am Somebody: Dignity in Caregiving

Contact: Liz Bissell (650-346-0849)


Tues. Nov 18: San Francisco

San Francisco Family Caregiver Alliance

1715 Buchanan St San Francisco

Title: I Am Somebody: The Art of Caregiving

Contact: Fumiko DiDomizio (425-931-2294) ex.127


 2015 ( Details to follow )


Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development Council. Inc.
Kahului, Maui
Executive Dir: John Tomoso


Maui County Office of Aging



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Yes, I am now a columnist for the Hawai’i Herald! Read the intro to the first column by Hawai’i Herald:

Hawai’i Herald Columnist

…With this issue of The Hawai’i Herald, we welcome author, poet, teacher and seminar speaker Frances Kakugawa to our ‘ohana of monthly columnists. ..
…Frances was in Hawai’i last month to deliver several talks on writing and caregiving — she spoke on Oahu and in Hilo. We got together on a Saturday for a won ton mein lunch and sealed the deal on her penning a monthly “Dear Frances” column, sharing her perspectives on caregiving issues sent in by you, our readers. You can email your “Dear Frances” questions to me at kchinen@thehawaiihochi.com — or mail them to me the Herald: 917 Kokea St., Hon., HI 96817. I will forward your questions to Frances for her to answer in future editions of the Herald.

Omoiyari . . . Think of others first and good karma will return to you. — Frances H. Kakugawa


The first question discussed :

Dear Frances,
I am a caregiver for my mother-in-law. I’m having a difficult time because she treated me badly before she got ill. She never accepted me. And now I’m her caregiver. How can I deal with these thoughts of resentment and give her the care she needs? I can’t forget what she did.


Dear Jane:
We, both caregiver and the one being cared for, bring our own personal history to caregiving. I am very familiar with your feelings. As difficult as it is, it may be time to let that part of history go. See if you can be in the present and embrace your mother-in-law as a woman who needs your care, not as that woman who left you residues of negative feelings.

She may have no recollections of what she did. If you can do this in the spirit of humanity, with compassion and respect for who she is, a fellow human being, you may discover like many of us did, that rising to the occasion with love, compassion and dignity will bring peace and appreciation.
This disease will run its course no matter how we feel or behave, so for our own benefit, why not the positive so that at the end, we’re able to say, “I feel good about myself. I am a good human being, after all,’’ which often leads to that undefineable joy, for whatever we do to others, we do to ourselves. The gift of self is a powerful gift. Let me know if this works for you. Frances
The other two questions discussed are:

Dear Frances: I finally found adult care for my wife, but she refuses to go. How can I get her out of the house?


Dear Frances,
My friend’s mother has Alzheimer’s. What can I do to help her?

If you’d like to follow my column, subscription to the Hawai’i Herald can be made at the following:

Hawai’i Herald

$48 a year
$85 domestic airmail
Check to: The Hawai’i Herald
P.O. Box 17430
Honolulu, HI 96817-0430


Someday I will tell you the story of my dream of writing for a paper since grade school years and how I failed twice in my efforts in becoming one. And here, after all these years, the Hawai’I Herald is making that dream come true.

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For those who were unable to attend the St. Francis Hospital Grief Conference and/or the Executive Office of Aging presentation at 15 Craigside, Frances’ presentations, “The Art of Caring for Someone with Memory Loss,” at both events were recorded by ‘Ōlelo Community Media and will be re-broadcast at the following times. (All times are in HAWAII STANDARD TIME; California people, you are three hours ahead of Hawaii time right now.) The shows will be on ‘Ōlelo Channel 54 and will also be streamed online (you must watch at the broadcast time). Click here to watch online.

St. Francis Hospital Grief Conference Presentation airtimes:

  • Monday, March 31 at 2pm
  • Tuesday, April 6 at 1:30pm
  • Wednesday, April 7 at 4pm

Executive Office of Aging Presentation airtimes:

  • Saturday, April 19 at 12:30pm
  • Sunday, April 20 at 6pm
  • Saturday, April 26 at 12:30pm
  • Sunday, April 27 at 1:30pm
St. Francis Grief Conference

Frances Kakugawa and her books at the St. Francis Grief Conference (March 2014)


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If you happen to be anywhere near Hawaii, Sacramento or Los Angeles, do drop by. I’ll be giving a series of lectures on caregiving and literacy. These are events for March and April.

2014 Events: 

Hilo: March 6: 4

Alzheimer’s  Assoc.

           Lecture: Dignity in Aging

          Site: County Building: Aging & Disability Resource Center

                  1055 Kino’ole St, Ste 101

         Registration: Chris Ridley: 808-443-7360



 Kaneohe, Hawaii:  March 14: 8 – 5 p.m.

St. Francis Hospice: Caregivng and Grief: Awakening Heart and Soul

      Site: Ko’olau Ballrooms and Conference Center

               45-550 Kionaole Road, Kaneohe, HI

               Lecture and short workshop

              “I Am Somebody. Dignity in Aging.”

     Cost: After Feb 14: $150 ( breakfast, snacks and lunch included)

     Registration:  808-547-6883 or 547-8145


     Hawaii Kai, Oahu:March 16: luncheon 11 a.m.

Pi Beta Phi Sorority

     On Literacy

     Outback Restaurant: Hawaii Kai

     Title: Someday I will be a writer:

               Frances: age 6

               After 11 books: I did it

              Frances: age OLDer

     By Invitation only


Honolulu, Hawaii: March 19: 4 – 5:30

Sponsors: Hawaii Executive Office of Aging

                      Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society

                      Hawaii Family Caregivers Coalition

   15 Craigside, Honolulu, Hawaii

   Title of lecture: The Art of Caregiving for Someone with Memory Loss


   Sacramento, CA: April 4: CWC (CA Writers’ Club) Networking Meeting

              How to give fabulous lectures ( their title, not mine, I strive to be more

              humble, really. )


Sacramento, CA: April 11: 3 – 4 p.m.

Renaissance Society: Sac State U.

Dignity in Aging


Los Angeles: April 27:  I Am Somebody: Dignity in Caregiving

Genki Conference: Caregivers’ Edition by Keiro Senior HealthCare and 10 other sponsors

12448 Braddock Dr. Los Angeles, CA

Ph: 323-980-2353


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