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( I posted this when Trump was elected. Here it is again with one edit.)

There will be no haiku poems on Trump for the next four years in respect for Basho, Issa, and all the Japanese haiku poets who found beauty, elegance, inspiration, meaning and simple joy in nature, people and our universe and who sought and found the most select language ever available to share this with us. But…I will still write non-haiku, loosely written verses:
The gigantic kite soars
Toward the hot orange sun
Deaf to voices from Icarus’ flight,
Deaf to our Fathers whose wisdom, ignored,
He hurtles down and buries
The country in black ash.

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Mr. Uyeki was a first generation immigrant from Japan who went to Hawaii after being lured by posters promising white mansions and exotic palm trees and beaches.  His first home was a Quonset  house. He labored in the sugar cane fields. He eventually became a very proud U.S. citizen. When he was in his late 80’s, he had a knee replacement surgery and refused all pain killers. The hospital staff and his physician couldn’t talk him into taking the drugs when he shouted, “Me Body, Me Boss.”

Mr Uyeki is gone now, but  I  hear his  voice, loud and clear:  Me Body, Me Boss!

Thank you, Uyeki-san.

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The song is dead.

The swordsman takes

The Victor’s stance.

But somewhere, still

A newborn child

Hears the promised song.

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The Plus Side

I need to be positive for our country so:

  1. He will get rid of Obamacare and he and all the insurance companies are

going to pay for all our insurance. What’s a few trillions for him?


  1. He will build that wall so U.S. citizens don’t need to escape over to the other side.


  1. A month after being in office, he will use his money and not wait for Congress and

and will start all the factories going as he promised. Jobs for everyone.


  1. A good role model: We don’t have to pay taxes like our president. Think of how much we’ll save.


  1. Men, you can grope women like your role model.


  1. Labor laws: He will return all his made in China ties and suits and all products will be made in US. More jobs and factories.

7. Toy companies on the rise for our economy…with Barbie Doll as the new woman.

Stay tuned for more positives…

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It will take more than signs bearing Love, or Black Lives Matter to fix what’s broken in our our country. I heard the mayor of Dallas advising us to use the right words and immediately he used the word “killer.” Previous to his interview, they gave the background of the man who shot the officers. He fought in Afghanistan, was taught to be a shooter, got awards for this. Yes, we taught and trained him to fight for our flag. He returned to the country who sent him off to war with our American flag on his uniform and finds his fellow citizens being shot by our law enforcers, the most current one because of a broken  light on his car. How can one process all this when this wheel has been turning and turning far too long?

I remember when I was stopped by a kind officer, reminding me that I was driving over the speed limit  or my safety check decal on my license showed renewal time. They were concerned about me, my safety. They didn’t punish me. But then I’m not black, am I?

I was in someone’s kitchen in Ohio once and the N word was part of the conversation. I asked, “Why am I here since I’m not white?”  I was told, “Oh, but you’re not black.”

I knew then that racism will always be with us because just as they would not be able to turn me into one of them, I would not be able to change their minds about color.Maybe a system that doesn’t involve feelings and personal beliefs will be the way to go. I don’t know.

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To President Obama in Hiroshima and candidates promising a better world…this is

from the children :


Voice from the Unborn

You promised me, eons ago,

A world, free of battlefields, soldiers, children

Abandoned  in fear and hunger.

You offered me Hope, again and again.

A world, you said, where we will stand

Hand in hand, beyond  color, religion, gender, age,

One race. One humanity.


You promised me a world

Free of poison in oceans, earth and air.

“You  are the future”, you told me,

“Come and be born in this world I will

Create  for  you.”


My brothers and sisters who believed you

Are now old men and women, and they wait.

They wait.


Listen to my voice, your unborn child.


Eons ago, you sliced the chrysanthemum

Off  its stalk and left it

Naked in the sun.


Over the ashes of Hiroshima,

Our victory was hailed.

Beneath that, my ancestors lay buried.


Stop using me, your unborn child

For promises and meaningless  rhetoric.

The future is now.  I can’t wait any longer.

The future is now.  I want to be  born.


©Frances  Kakugawa


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I went in to have my taxes done today. Before the accountant began, he slowly opened my files, took out the following and said, “Right on.” It’s a letter to the Sacramento Bee published last year during the din of legislators caught with hands in unethical pockets. Senator Steinberg mandated a whole day workshop on ethics. I was surprised to see this, didn’t know it was published. So here it is, folks.


No Wand can fix Capitol Ethics

Re: Steinberg still thinks term can be a success” ( Page 1, May 10):Who taught Sen. Darrell Steinberg’s day of ethical training? Harry Potter?


This is indeed magical that a day’s program is expected to transform the damaged into whole ethical humans. I would bottle this and send it to Congress and to all the corrupted men and women there. I’m sorry , but it takes more than a day’s work and bills to rebuild conscience and ethics.

-Frances Kakugawa, Sacramento

Sacramento Bee

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