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In NYC, a Lyft ride cost me $43. Same return trip, in a regular cab cost me $18.
Used Riverside Co.

I compared prices between Lyft and a regular cab to airport and Lyft was far more pricey.

One regular cab driver turned the meter off by explaining “traffic is bad, I will not use meter.” Fare was so low I tipped him heavily; he God blessed me.

A NYC local explained that on rainy and snowy days, Uber and Lyft will charge over 100%.

A friend was charged $50 in Boston using Uber, same return trip in a regular cab was less than $20.

In Sacramento, a person on Uber was charged $20 to the Arena, return trip was tripled. They must know one is eager to go home late at night, especially if fare is a woman.

I was so pleased to see the yellow cabs in full force in NYC.

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