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Under the rising sun

The enemy came

Wearing my face…

And changed my face forever.

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I came across this  letter from Alexander to Napoleon in War  & Peace and felt so saddened over how communication on the same subject is being texted by our own leader today. Sad, sad.

Addressed to : Esteemed brother,

…If your Majesty is not seeking to shed the blood of our subjects over a misunderstanding of this kind, and will consent to withdraw his troops from Russian territory, I shall disregard what has occurred, and in an accommodation between us will be possible. In the contrary case, I shall be  compelled to repulse an invasion which has been entirely unprovoked on my side. It is still within your Majesty’s power to preserve humanity from the disasters of another war.

I am, etc.,

(Signed) Alexander

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I’m reading War and Peace and this is my reaction right now:

Ah Leo, Leo.

Did it begin with one simple seed –

Under such fertile soil, it burst out

Into unimaginable spread

Branch after branch after branch?

 winter tree2


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