Merry Christmas, Boys and Girls.

I have three presents for you today.

The first is a present you can unwrap all year round. This is a gift that goes on and on each time you have a conversation with a friend or being with a friend without saying a single word because it seems the right thing to do. This is your act of kindness you show to others, even strangers,  day after day.

The second is a gift you carry all the time with you and no matter how many times you open it, it’s always new. This gift makes you feel cozy and warm and yet, you don’t wear it. It’s not made of wool or fur but this will keep you warmer than being in front of a fireplace.

What kind of gift is this? You ask.

This is the gift of your imagination and all the things that come from it.

Things that no one has ever seen like talking cats, flying frogs or surfers riding waves to another planet. You can imagine whatever you want to be and the bigger your imagination, the more you can become. All things become possible with imagination.

The third gift is one that is bigger than all the gifts in the world. You can put into this gift, all the things  you receive today and you will still have room for more. You can’t find this gift in any store. And once you get this gift, it keeps coming again and again and each time you share it, you keep getting more and more.

This is story telling. Stories for all the Christmases and for every day of your life. Someone once used her imagination and wrote this story about me called Wordsworth the Poet and here I am today, with you.

Enjoy the magical wonder of your world with kindness, imagination  and keep telling your stories.

Wordsworth, the Poet.

4 WordsworthBooks

December , 2019

December 7

Under the rising sun

The enemy came

Wearing my face…

And changed my face forever.

Humans and Nature

Thank you, Center for Humans and Nature for including my three poems in your Minding Nature Fall 2019 Volume 12, #3: A journal exploring conservation and the practice of ecological democratic citizenship. Fall nature and humans

Hi events

Echoes cover

Echoes back cover




I will be back in Hawaii next month to talk on caregiving and for the release of my new book from Watermark Publishing, “Echoes of Kapoho.”

Please check this column, my blog or Facebook page for updated schedules. For now, here is my schedule:

  • Thursday, Nov. 7, 10-11:45 a.m.: I will be at the Kau Rural Health Community Association, Inc., in Pahala at an event for caregivers. It is sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, Kau Rural Health Community Association, Inc. and Watermark Publishing. Lunch will be served. The Kau Rural Health Community Association, Inc. is located at 96 Puahala St. Registration by Friday, Nov. 1, is required. Call Auntie Jessie or Auntie Theresa at (808) 928-0101 to register, or email Patrick Toal of the Alzheimer’s Association at patoal@alz.org.
  • Saturday, Nov. 9, 11:30 a.m.: I will be introducing my new book, “Echoes of Kapoho,” at Basically Books (1672 Kamehameha Ave.)

At 10 a.m. on that same day, I will be at the Hawaii Island Adult Care conference, speaking on caregiving from 10 – 11 a.m. Call Marcie Saquing at (808) 961-3747, ext. 107, for reservations.

I will also be traveling to Maui on this trip, giving lectures/workshops on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 20, 5-7 p.m. A lecture for the Alzheimer’s Association at: Maui Adult Day Care: 665 Kahalui Rd, Kahalui, Maui.

Call Christine Spencer for reservations at 808-591-2771: ext. 8235 or

Kathleen Couch at: 808-871-5804.

. Friday, Nov. 22: Keynote address at the 18th Maui Family Caregiver Conference sponsored by the Maui County Office on Aging at the Grand Wailea Resort. Call Vicki Belloumini at: (808) 270-7233 for details and reservations.

And, finally, O‘ahu book signing dates for “Echoes of Kapoho” are still being secured. Please check my Blog and Facebook page for the dates.





Morning Shock Waves

Morning Shock Waves


Who is this woman

In my morning mirror?

Who let this old

Japanese woman in?


I have fallen in aftershocks

From devastating earthquakes –

Aftershocked from broken romances –

Rear-ended crashes .

Avalanched by human cruelty –

But never, never, such

Aftershocks of this mirrored truth.

Get her out of here!!!


Frances Kakugawa 9-17-19