Some folks love Spring,

New faces in morning glories,

Cotton blouses and green toe nails.

Winter scarves stuffed into cedar chests.


Some folks love Fall.

The season of sounds.


Summer…I hate summers

In three digit Sacramento heat.


I brought Winter back today:

A mug of Winter –

Hot steamy cocoa –

While the city burned outside.



Summer: 2017


Coffee and Poets

Thank you, Frank Graham of Sacramento Poetry Center for posting the following:

I’m interviewing the prolific and adventurous author Frances Kakugawa for the podcast Coffee & Poets, produced by Lawrence E Dinkins Jr, at the Brickhouse Gallery in Oak Park on Sunday, August 20. We begin the one hour program at 10:00 am and we’d love to see you there to listen in as we discuss her life and writing.



Brickhouse Gallery

2837 36th St

Sacramento, CA

hibiscus 1


Hawaiian style morn

Seven blooms on the 5th day.

If only twas May.


Sacramento, CA

When I first moved to Sacramento 13 years ago, I walked around Arden Fair Mall
every morning. I had no friends, except Red, felt
very alone on these walks , often thinking, “What am I doing here.”

Then one morning I ran into the Challenge Butter delivery driver, parking his long truck near the mall. He was a handsome young man and we used to chat on those mornings and I felt joy and not so alone. This ended when I joined the gym.


This morning after gym, I walked over to LaBou  for my morning coffee when
I saw the Challenge truck parked outside the parking lot. I told the driver:
“Now you’re the smart one by parking on the street. Others park in the lot, blocking
cars.” He said, “Thank you, I know how those guys park.”
As he walked into the restaurant with his delivery cart, I realized he was that
same young man of 13 years ago, older now. I asked him if he were delivering at
the mall 13 years ago and he said he has been doing this for 22 years. I told him of what he had meant  to me; that I had just moved here and never forgot his kindness. He was moved and thanked me. And that’s the story of the Challenge Butter Man.

naked cafe

As it turned out, we didn’t have the podcast interview last Sunday but I did read poetry from my soon-to-be-released book of poems: Dangerous Woman: Poetry for the Ageless. And thanks to the audience, by request I read my poems on caregiving from I Am Somebody  and from my children’s Wordsworth the Poet books. AND, excerpts from my Teacher, You Look Like a Horse. What a supportive audience. I enjoyed the Q&A, telling stories of how I started writing poetry,  and my writing process, etc.

My interview has been rescheduled for August 20. Time and site will be posted later.

Yes, that’s my old handbag on the floor and that red feather boa used to add color to one of my poems.

Thank you for all of your who came through the 3 digit heat to support me.

Coffee & Poets

Coffee & Poets Radio Program

Please join me:

Sunday, July 16

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Naked Coffee Lounge

1111 H St.

Sacramento, CA

Frank Graham of Sacramento Poetry Center will interview me for a live podcast on my being a poet. What an honor. I will read a few poems and discuss my poetry and personal life with Frank. It will  mean a lot to have a live audience for inspiration.


The squeaky hinge gets the can of oil…I kept growling and finally, this is the end of the story:

They reimbursed me $200 for changing my reservation and also gave me another $200 credit for my next flight, good for a year. This, after more than five ping-pong letters and emails. I think my cc to Hawaii Business Bureau and FAA got me the responses I needed, although they still didn’t explain why I was charged over $300 for changing a reservation from one date to another, this in addition for the $200 for just changing a reservation. I could have written a novel during the time spent on this.