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Registration is requested. We cancelled the last session due to lack of interest and later discovered, many didn’t register. Numbers are needed for room set up and hand-outs.Sac flyer 2019

So it has finally come to this: Walking into the Hilo public library, a man stopped me and asked, “Aren’t you Mrs. Wordsworth?”

Here are photos of WW doing his work at the Hilo library. He’s dancing the waltz with pre-schoolers after helping them understand about memory loss in our elders. The children enjoyed Wordsworth Dances the Waltz story.

Even a dog came for Wordsworth and he was a better listener than three adults who were hushed by me, conversing loudly as WW spoke to the children.

After Wordsworth finishes his work on the Big Island, he goes to Maui and Molokai with Patrick Toal of the Alzheimer’s Assoc.

If any school wants a visit from WW, please let me know. fhk@francesk.org.

Yes, my lecture and poetry writing workshop at the Hawaii Island ADult Care was a huge success, thanks to Patrick Toal, Marcie Saquing and Lizby Logston but the stage belong to



.liz and me

Lizby and me

Patrick, Marcie and…

Hawaiian Air

Hawaiian Air: I sent this to Customer Service

Please refer this to the President of Hawaiian Air.
Flight 20: Honolulu to Sacramento
May 24, 2019

The landing was almost disastrous. It didn’t slide to a landing. It hit the ground, plane bounced and hit the tarmac again.
I saw shock on the faces of the attendants. There was nothing from the pilots to explain. I immediately looked for fire, grabbed my belongings and disembarked. At the baggage claim, one customer said she had
hurt her back. Another was still in an anxious state, another said her heart was still beating fast.

My observations during the entire flight:
What was one attendant doing in the cockpit. A lot of trays being sent to the
cockpit. Attendant came out smiling while the other
did all the work. The two pilots used the bathroom four times during flight. I believe there was some socializing going on in the cockpit.

Please respond to this. I will make similar inquiries to the FAA.

1 WW parade

Wave back to Wordsworth!!! He is now the mascot of the Alz Assoc , Aloha Chapter of Hawaii and is teaching children about memory loss and to live with their elders with dignity and compassion.  Wordsworth knows a lot about indignities…he was called Chucky Cheese at the parade but that was quickly corrected. Go Wordsworth the Poet!!!


2WW parade

Please drop by to say hello, Oahu friends.