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To Wordsworth the Poet fans, please check him out at his own FB page. He’s complaining that no one goes there much. In today’s post, he is complaining how he was not flown first class from Sacramento to Honolulu to Hilo. He also explains how he was created. He’s getting pretty verbal, now that he’s so well-sought by his fans in Hawaii. Do you know Maui has now invited him over to visit their schools to teach them about Alzheimer’s and memory loss?  No, I was not invited.



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frances aveI was in Modesto this morning to give my “I Am Somebody” session to a room filled with the most caring caregivers, post and present, and I’m so tempted to tell you I am so famous in Modesto that the mayor changed a street sign in my honor, but if I said this, my nose would grow longer than Pinocchio’s.

frances on frances ave

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