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4 WordsworthBooks

My little mouse poet Wordsworth and I will be at Barnes & Noble at Arden Fair, Sacramento on December 9th, at 11 a.m. Come meet Wordsworth and bring  your children ages  1 to 90.

Wordsworth the Poet: Poor Wordsworth, everyone worries or makes fun of him because he is different by being a poet. One day his poetry saves his whole village.

Wordsworth Dances the Waltz: Wordsworth teaches the adults that his Grandma is still a Grandma even if she is losing her memory.

Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer:  The trees are being destroyed. Can Wordsworth and his friends use their poetry to save these trees? See how a group of children become empowered through writing, to make a difference.

Wordsworth, It’s in Your Pocket: Poor Wordsworth, all his friends are addicted to electronic games. Can he bring them back again to ocean waves and human conversations and true human friendship? An old mouse tells him the answer is in his pocket.



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3 me and eric

Thank you Eric of Barnes & Noble for the book signing yesterday for Dangerous Woman: Poetry for the Ageless. To everyone who gave up their Saturday morning: my book club members, past and present caregivers of my support group and my memoir writing group, neighbors , blog followers and cousins, my devoted hairdresser Tom, and friends who had no choice when I flashed the promo sheet in their faces, because of you  I can claim it was a great success. It feels good when book shops do not need to return unsold books. Thank you for your caring support. It meant a lot when Barbara was already reading the poem on page 12, saying how fantastic it was. Thank you Barbara. And to you who returned to purchase multiple copies, it did my heart good. Or this email I received before I returned home: “I love love love your book!!!!!! Your writing is amazing, there’s no other adjective good enough to describe!”


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Barnes and Noble, Kahala Mall, welcomed me once again,even without books to sell or sign. I walked to the coffee shop and was greeted with, “You must be Frances the author.” Manager Ipo had taken care of my`decaf latte and a large bottle of water. All I needed to do was walk to the table with my other books on display.

Except for one child, the audience was adults. Draped with flower leis. I read Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer from a copy of the manuscript. Will let the photos tell the rest of the story. Ah Wordsworth, we did it without the books. Books will be in on Monday.Thank you to all who attended and pre-ordered the book.

Wayne Harada, John and me.

Publisher George and me.

Hilo’s book launch:

He stood before me and said,”You won’t know me. You taught me in the first grade.

“Waiakea Elementary, I said.

Yes, he said. And he continued…

I always remember how you brought in a bottle of Avoset to make butter but it didn’t work. The next day, you brought in another bottle of Avoset and it turned into butter. You said, “Boys and girls, always read the label so you won’t make mistakes like me. I brought in the wrong type of Avoset.” I often wondered whether you had made the error on purpose to teach us.”

Ah….Charles Yamashita and wife Becky, that is why I taught children. You continue to make my day.

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