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These were my observations this week:

The center at Howe Ave and Enterprise in Sacramento will close their entrance door tomorrow. This is how they did this, as shameful a way as they could manage.

1.Certain members were told of its closing last Friday by email. I was one who didn’t receive this email as did many others. I walked to the gym and saw the sign down and many of the gym equipment gone. Employees received a text message.

One excellent front desk person had, a few  days prior to her text message, registered for her senior year at the University by scheduling her courses around her job at the Center. She was not given any referrals to another job. Just a text message that she’s out of a job.

2.Yesterday, while we were at the gym, the manager brought in a team of workers and right beneath our noses, they began to take the equipment out. The fans were the first to go. I told the manager we still had two more days of membership until closure so none of the equipment ought to be taken out. He said he’s obeying Corporate Office. What? Managers aren’t given the freedom to use their common sense nor do they have the freedom to treat clients with more respect ? Don’t they know what is the right thing to do anymore, but are under Corporate rule who are interested only in profit?

3.This morning, once again, they arrived to take more equipment out and we were left to a few machines.

4.Does the Corporate Office care to know their clients? Most of the members at this small, friendly, FAMILY center are in the 70-80-90 age bracket. They live near-by and are able to make this short, comfortable drive to the gym. Many of us go for coffee after gym. We know each other by name. They were totally upset as they felt their health needs were being terminated.

5.Yes, they opened a new gym on Watt and Arden. As one elderly man said, “I walked in and it was totally Corporate. Cold, large and uninviting. I’m not going back.”

To the Corporate Office of men and women: Please don’t ignore your humanity behind your Corporate Office. You are there because we clients are individual human beings who deserve more respect from you. Once you lose this humanity, you have nothing left.



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Stay away from me today. I’m grumpy.

This is one of those days when the smallest of imperfections balloon into a FranGRRRR.

At Safeway, I had less than 15 items in my basket. The 15 or less checkout was not available because two shoppers with  carts filled to the top with groceries were  in line.

I checked out at a regular register. Check – out  left my package on the counter and began to serve the next person. This had happened last week, too, when check-out  left my four bags of grocery on the counter, shoved them on the side so he could serve the next person in line. What? What happened when they put your purchases  in the cart for you?


Today was my FranGRRRR day so I spoke to the manager. “There’s no sense in having a 15 or less check out  if that rule is not regulated” I told her. ( I’m so darn obedient, I have never gone to the 15 or less checkout if I had 16 items. I picture being dragged away in handcuffs.)


“Look at my grocery,” I pointed out. “They’re still hanging in that bag next to the counter. What happened to customer service?” She apologized. I suggested that she observe check-out at Raley’s where each check out has a “bag person” who will take the groceries to your car.”


Earliar in the day, at CA Family Fitness Center, I met up with another FranGRRRRR. There’s a sign banning cells in the exercise area. This isn’t working. There’s one woman whose conversations are heard half way across the room. This morning a woman was sitting on a machine, reading her ipad. I finally asked her if she were still using the machine. She apologized for getting too involved with her electronic game. This is a common sight; people using their electronic gadgets, sitting on machines. Grrrrrr.  I don’t want apologies. I want managers to regulate whatever rules are set up on their premises.


Yesterday, the Sears repairman came to check our refrigerator. He didn’t have the parts so we will now have to wait two weeks while he places in an order. Why can’t these repair people have a supply of basic parts in their vehicles? Grrrrr.


There are still 7 hours left in my day. I should stay indoors.

A thought: if managers can’t fix even the most obvious, I should stop hoping for world peace, human equality and a healthy and safe environment. Unless…unless, they let people like me  rule the world.






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