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When I first moved to Sacramento 13 years ago, I walked around Arden Fair Mall
every morning. I had no friends, except Red, felt
very alone on these walks , often thinking, “What am I doing here.”

Then one morning I ran into the Challenge Butter delivery driver, parking his long truck near the mall. He was a handsome young man and we used to chat on those mornings and I felt joy and not so alone. This ended when I joined the gym.


This morning after gym, I walked over to LaBou  for my morning coffee when
I saw the Challenge truck parked outside the parking lot. I told the driver:
“Now you’re the smart one by parking on the street. Others park in the lot, blocking
cars.” He said, “Thank you, I know how those guys park.”
As he walked into the restaurant with his delivery cart, I realized he was that
same young man of 13 years ago, older now. I asked him if he were delivering at
the mall 13 years ago and he said he has been doing this for 22 years. I told him of what he had meant  to me; that I had just moved here and never forgot his kindness. He was moved and thanked me. And that’s the story of the Challenge Butter Man.


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