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How to have an AHHH moment.

What is this Ahhhh moment. It’s that moment between the lst and last word of a haiku. It’s those moments  the haiku poet experiences before he captures each of them  with seventeen syllables.

I like to have an ahhhh moment everyday  and more often than not, I do.  And when I find the sun rising and setting day after day without such moments, turning each day into another ordinary day without notice, I know it’s time to intervene. How do I do this? By orchestrating, planning, creating, pulling, tugging and even conniving.

I received a book the other day. It’s a special book because the author is a new friend of mine. I leafed through the book  and set it aside. No, I’m not  going to read this now. I’m setting a special time for this.

The author will be pleased (or insulted) to know that I decided to take the book with me to my mammogram and bone density tests. I will sit in the waiting lounge, perhaps way beyond my appointed time, with one ear attuned to the calling of  my name. But it will be a pleasurable wait this time because I plan to read this book.

Ever since I made this  decision to read the  book at UC Davis Medical Center, it has been days of anticipation. Ah, I get to read this book on Thursday, I said over and over. I have another day to wait.

Well, Thursday is here. I got up this morning feeling I had a gift waiting for me. I’m off to my appointment with  book in hand.

You may want to join me.

Book title is: The Light, The Dark, and Ember Between by J.W. Nicklaus


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