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Crooked CVS Specialty Medications

I was prescribed Repatha to replace statin drugs for my cholesterol.

CVS quoted over $100 a shot.

I called Wallgreens and they quoted $500 a shot.

I saw Repatha’s ad by AmGen on TV quoting $5 a shot so I called the CVA Specialty Medications.

They said it depends on your insurance.

After some negotiations with my health insurance, they quoted $15 a shot.

In the meantime I took two sample shots and got bad reactions so I called CVS Specialty and was told to stop immediately so I cancelled my prescription.

Today CVS in Sacramento  told me a prescription was sent to Hawaii. What? I don’t even have an address there. They would not tell me name of prescription because it was sent from CVS Specialty Medications. I called Speciality Medications and they insisted they sent it to Sacramento.

I had called them to be sure I wasn’t charged.

I was told I would be charged if  the meds  returned are not in 100% condition.

I said I am not responsible for this drug since I haven’t touched nor filled the prescription. And it was cancelled by CVS Specialty Meds.They refused to accept this. Repatha must be refrigerated.

I called them  crooked, said that was the last prescription they would get from my doctors and I would pursue this with the right authorities. She tried to interrupt and I hung up the phone.


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