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Under the rising sun

The enemy came

Wearing my face.

And my face was changed forever.

Let us not repeat this part of history ever again.


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December 7

Under the rising sun,

The enemy came,

Wearing my face.

I met her at the Pahoa Library. I will call her Mrs. I. She was a child when Pearl Harbor was bombed and she was taken to the Internment camp with her family. She has kept that part of her history from her children.

The writer in me kicked in and I asked her why. Shouldn’t her stories be preserved for her children? Will she tell me her story?

Her answer stunned me into silence and I put my pen away.

“No,” she explained. “I never told my children about being in the internment camp because I didn’t want them to feel badly toward our country. I wanted my children to love and honor America and to live as good citizens. If they heard about what happened to us in the internment camp, I was afraid they would have come to hate this country who took us away. I didn’t want this to happen.”


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Wednesday, December 7 |6pm – 7:30pm
Native Books at Ward Warehouse
1050 Ala Moana Blvd.
Reading & Light Refreshments
(808) 596-8885
Saturday, December 10 | 11am – 12pm ( signing)
Barnes & Noble, Kahala Mall
4211 Waialae Ave.
(808) 737-3323
Saturday, December 17 | 11am – 1pm (reading&signing)
Book Gallery, Hilo
259 Keawe St.
(808) 935-4943
Saturday, December 17 | 3pm – 5pm ( lecture and book signing)
“A Writer’s Pen” Workshop—The Writing Process and Memoir Writing
East Hawaii Cultural Center, Hilo 141 Kalakaua St.
Sunday, December 18 | 1pm – 2pm ( signing)
Basically Books, Hilo
160 Kamehameha Ave.
(808) 961-0144


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