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Georgia O’Keefe

My host of flowers leaves me

breathless as your one.


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MG 1

mg 2
Morning Glory

Sometimes we need to look a bit harder to find
beauty in the heat of California drought.
Look what awaited patiently this morn.

Ah, Ms. O’Keefe,
If only I had your brush and your palette
of the blues.

“Come with me,” you would have said,
And together we would have breast stroked
Right into Paradise.

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               On Georgia O’Keefe’s Calendar and my Tulip

Your brush strokes


How many men, Georgia,

Suck into your art?

     Two Calla

     Lillies on Pink

     Purple Petunias

     Oriental Poppies

     Red Canna

     Blue Morning Glories

Who gave you entry

Into the pink

Of secret places?

Bravo, Georgia.

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