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hibiscus 1


Hawaiian style morn

Seven blooms on the 5th day.

If only twas May.


Sacramento, CA


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Papaya haiku



Ah Chameleon

You turn the ordinary

Into a haiku.


How can a lizard

Create such pure elegance

On  a papaya?

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There will be no haiku poems on Trump for the next four years in respect for Basho, Issa, and all the Japanese haiku poets who found beauty, elegance, inspiration, meaning and simple joy in nature, people and our universe and who sought and found the most select language ever available to share this with us. But…I will still write non-haiku, loosely written verses:


The gigantic kite soars

Toward the hot orange sun

Deaf to voices from Icarus’ flight,

He hurtles down and buries

The country in black ash.

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WW in Tokyo

Thank you Susan Branz, for this photo of Nozomi Hotta and Wordsworth in Tokyo.
Nozomi-san, domo arigato. Here are some fast haiku written over breakfast this morning:

The rising sun glows.
Aloha. Konnichiwa.
Needs no translation.

Will I become Japanese
In a yukata?

Wordsworth’s images
Transform into black kanji
Over coke on ice.

Page turns in light breeze
Wordsworth lands on Edo shores
Bright flash! Peace begins.

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asagao ya ah, asagao ya, ahhhh asagao ya

asagao ya
ah, asagao ya, ahhhh
asagao ya

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Cherry blossoms fall,

Break stillness of early morn.

Red koi surfaces.


Steam from my green tea

Disappears into pink clouds

Cherry blossom day.


Giant ikebana

Showers  me with  sweet rain.

Ah, it must be Spring.

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