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My letter, addressed to Mr. Dunkerley, Pres of Hawaiian Air was once again referred  to Customer Service. This is their response:

“We see that when you exchanged your tickets from departing on June 2nd to May 27th; you incurred a change fee of $200 and a fare difference of $338.38. Hawaiian Airlines will consider waiving or refunding a maximum of $200 for a change fee due to a passenger or family member who are not able to travel due to hospitalization or a medical emergency. As a courtesy, we are refunding your change fees. ($200)  This transaction should be reflected on your next statement or the one thereafter. We are unable to reimburse the fare difference of $338.38. Our best wishes go out to you.”

I still can’t understand how a change in date would cost $338.38 when I had already paid for that seat. I sent this query back. I’m still growling.

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I sent three queries to the President and Customer Service about being charged over $500 for one change in reservation and asked for their rationale behind such a fee.  Each time, I received the same form letter and a copy of the medical release form which requires a physician’s signature and information about a patient’s hospitalization.

I sent another letter, asking for the rationale, and since it would require a doctor’s appt. to get a signature, would Hawaiian Air pay for this doctor’s appointment of over $240? I sent a copy to the Hawaii Business Bureau and to FAA. I noted that this was being returned to grade school where we needed a parental signature for being absent.

Stay tuned.

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