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Hawaiian Airlines
Last night I was told I can’t change my connecting flight from Sacramento to Hilo. Airlines rules. They gave me too short a time to make my next flight. This morning I was told changes can be made for $30. Good. Then in the next breath she said, Wait, it’s $835.45. What? I asked for the President’s name and she said this is not allowed. I asked for her manager and this was not given. After I said I was pursuing this with the Better Business Bureau did she change her quote back to $30. I will pursue this with the Airlines President, their Consumer Affairs and Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau and  the FAA. Hope I can find their President’s name on line. Such a time consuming process to make things right.

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I was charged $538.38 for changing my flight back from Hawaii to Sacramento, due to medical reasons. I’m giving the commencement address at my old Alma Mater ( Pahoa High School) in mid May and need to return for some medical tests. One change = over $500.

President  Mark Dunkerly…this is as bad as dragging me down the aisle. How much more money do you want at our expense?

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When is greed going to end?
I had to make a reservation change with Hawaiian Air today. I was charged $244.50 for this change. Mr. Mark Dunkerly of Hawaiian Air, are you listening? It took only a few computer keys to make this change…how can it cost $244.50?

While I’m on the soapbox, why does Hawaiian Air charge the same amount to flights between islands…be it a half hour or an hour flight, it costs the same. On my last flight between Hilo and Maui, I was flown in a two propeller plane…suddenly I was back in 1942!

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To my islands I return for a visit…the islands where:


Drivers toot their horns, show the shaka sign, or wave at you when you give them right of way or allow them to change lanes in front of you. We say “You’re Welcome” by tooting or waving back.


On the Hamakua Coast and the road to Volcano, drivers of large rigs will slow toward the side, toot their horns, and wave you on…telling you it’s safe to overtake.


Speed limit is 50 mph on highways


Local strangers at airports will give you their luggage carts and welcome you home as one man did at Honolulu Airport. He got another cart for himself.


McDonalds serves Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice.


Sales persons are accommodating with their Aloha and Mahalo and more conversations are based on who they are rather than on corporate guidelines.


There is that spirit of grace in the knowing silence that exists in this place where there are more listeners than talkers, more da kine connections and that relaxed atmosphere: ocean waves coming in to shore, palm trees moving in the breeze, people driving and walking a little bit slower. And that sense of humanity, Hawaiian style, that is still being preserved in the middle of the Pacific.


They somehow make me forget the vog, the humidity, the high prices and Hawaiian Air who won’t let me change my reservation.

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I tried to change my date of return from HI to CA…since I used my mileage plus for my fare, I can’t change it . They do have seats but since I used 40,000 miles for my fare, there is something crazy about “no seats available” since I used mileage plus.  BUT if I paid for the seat with MONEY,  I would have a seat. To get my 40,000 returned, I need to pay $100 for transfer fee. $100 to hit a few keys to return my mileage to my account.  President Dunkerly, can you explain why there is no seat, when physically, there are seats available. I have flown Hawaiian Air my whole life since childhood in Hawaii. I know, that doesn’t count…only $$$$ does?

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Once upon a time, a human made my reservations in an office where I walked in and got all the help I needed.

It took me over an hour on-line to make reservations and I couldn’t do it.

It was impossible to use my mileage plus to help pay for my fare. Once I made an error I couldn’t delete it. I got off the site and when I returned, the errors were still there. I wanted more time in the lay over at Honolulu airport but there was no way to do this unless it’s hidden somewhere. So I called the office and why is Hawaiian Air out-sourcing their humans in countries where their English is so second language, I had to ask for someone else. Why isn’t Hawaiian Air employing their home state people?

I was told there is a fee for each reservation I make…as in Sacramento to Hawaii to Hilo. Hilo to Honolulu…Honolulu to Sacramento. That meant three different fees which came up to $75 just to get help from Hawaiian Air. I was being punished for not being able to make a round trip from Sacramento to Honolulu and back to Sacramento. “Go on line,” I was told by Hawaiian Air..you get to pay less.” But I can’t do it on line, not on their site.

Their fare is higher than those on-line. When you call their office, there is a recording suggesting that you go on line to get a cheaper fare.

I finally went to a travel agent to get my reservations.

Why is Hawaiian Air making their sites impossible?  Why must I call their Tech dept and still not get the help I need without having to pay extra?

Hawaiian Air, your ads do not support your services. When $$$ means more than the people you serve, you have lost something since the day Hawaiian Air flew it’s first plane.

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