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Kathryn Hepburn, Bette Davis, A Korean War Veteran and a Cup of Tea

I sat, staring through the window yesterday, sipping hot ginger tea. Sometimes I like to have my tea in a mug, holding it with both hands like Kathryn Hepburn. I saw her do this in a movie once. Yesterday, I sipped my tea from one of my English collection of cups & saucers. Another actress came to mind.

Bette Davis: I sometimes serve soup Bette Davis style. I saw her in a movie where she invited a wayward young man into her home. She served him soup in her kitchen. She used a large bowl and poured only two ladles of soup into the bowl. That was so elegant, soup lapping at the bottom of a large soup bowl. It’s so easy to turn into a Bette Davis with just soup, a large bowl and a ladle.

As steam from my tea cup fogged my glasses, I thought of all the warm and often hot showers I take during  the winter months. ( I do take showers during all seasons but this is about one season.)  I met a Korean War veteran called Fred years ago and he told me this story:
It was so cold in Korea, he couldn’t even light a cigarette. His hands were frozen through the gloves. His face was covered with ice and frost as he marched in the blizzard with his fellow soldiers.  He cried out of total misery.It was so cold. I never forgot his story. Fred is now gone.

When it’s freezing cold outside and I’m under a warm shower, I think of Fred and all his fellow soldiers in that cold blizzard in Korea. I stand there, appreciating every spray of warmth on my body. Don’t ever let it be said, the Korean War veterans are forgotten for what they did for us.

My tea cup needs refilling.

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