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I was charged $538.38 for changing my flight back from Hawaii to Sacramento, due to medical reasons. I’m giving the commencement address at my old Alma Mater ( Pahoa High School) in mid May and need to return for some medical tests. One change = over $500.

President¬† Mark Dunkerly…this is as bad as dragging me down the aisle. How much more money do you want at our expense?


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When is greed going to end?
I had to make a reservation change with Hawaiian Air today. I was charged $244.50 for this change. Mr. Mark Dunkerly of Hawaiian Air, are you listening? It took only a few computer keys to make this change…how can it cost $244.50?

While I’m on the soapbox, why does Hawaiian Air charge the same amount to flights between islands…be it a half hour or an hour flight, it costs the same. On my last flight between Hilo and Maui, I was flown in a two propeller plane…suddenly I was back in 1942!

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