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I am but a morning glory

A fleeting face at Dawn.

In the midst of Chaos,

For one breathless moment,

I bring Joy! Joy!


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Morning Glory


If I were to be given only one flower seed a year, I would plant the morning glory.
Every morning I am greeted with nature’s gift and I find myself pausing for a minute to repeat like a broken record, “ Oh, how beautiful.” That pause fills me with joy. By noon, the flowers are dried and gone, but they greet me again the next morning. I know there’s a fairy who appears every night and taps her wand over the entire vine, grown from one seed. How else can this happen day after day?

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asagao ya ah, asagao ya, ahhhh asagao ya

asagao ya
ah, asagao ya, ahhhh
asagao ya

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Whether among weeds

Or close up, O’Keefe style,  I

Am still morning glory.


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print mg

          Morning Glory


So soon I shall  be gone

I’m but a morning glory

A fleeting face at dawn.


           After Life


Lichened with scales

A tombstone leans

While through its cracks

A morning glory twines





   ( from my poetry book “Path of Butterflies.”)


Mary gave me morning glory seeds for my birthday and look what I found this morning… it’s first blossom.

I’ve always had an affinity with morning glories. Was it because my childhood years were shadowed by various wars that my nightly prayers begged  to be alive a few more years so I could wear shoes to school? And morning glories were as short lived as life during wars.

It all changed in high school when my brothers  teased how I was like a morning glory, alert and alive at morn but dried and shriveled by night. Paul, until today, calls me MG. It takes a kid brother to move morning glories from a fatalistic outlook to a pet name of endearment.

Walk  slowly when you come to our front yard.

A morning glory will greet you if it’s early morn.

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