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ErikaSandiNativeBooksIt takes Wordsworth to bring the past and present together. I had two special guests at my Wordsworth reading at Native Books this weekend. Months ago, young Erika wrote a poem for Wordsworth and sent it to Wordsworth, and they are now active pen pals. They both take karate. Sandi (far right) was a former kindergartner and first grader when I was a 24-year-old teacher. And here she is, after all these years. She showed me a class photo and I recognized each by name. My heart almost blew up.

AshleeNativeBooksAshlee Affonso and Native Books, thank you for hosting the reading/signing of Wordsworth, It’s In Your Pocket. What stories gathered around that table. I’ll see you next week for the lecture/signing of I Am Somebody:Bringing Dignity and Compassion to Alzheimer’s Caregiving. You make it possible for a visit home with my books. (The lecture will be Saturday, September 3 at 11 a.m. Native Books is at Ward Warehouse.)

After Native Books, I went to Barnes & Noble at Ala Moana. (Thank you, Ipo Roney, for your care there.) There I had a visit from Alia.

AliaWordworthAlia was 4 years old when she first met Wordsworth the Poet. A few days after hearing Wordsworth, her grandma found her in the yard in early morning. Her grandma asked her, “Why are you out in the yard?” and Alia answered, “I’m Wordsworth, I want to catch some dewdrops.”

Since then, Alia has attended each of Wordsworth’s four books signing. She was there on Saturday for the fourth book: Wordsworth, It’s in your Pocket. Alia is now a senior in high school.

What a wonderful weekend!

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