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Happy New Year Haiku

New Year Haiku, 2021

( apologies…I can’t post this haiku with the right spacing no matter how many times I tried…)

   Kadomatsu greets

   America, ah, blessings

   from eastern wind, yes.///

   three immovable

   bamboo, roped and held for strength

   yet, fragile in wind.  ///


   green pine from knotted,

   snarled fingers of a bonsai,

   a thousand year life///

   ‘neath symbolic greens

   the Emperor’s golden sunburst,

   a chrysanthemum///

   such blessings, New Year,

   from simple pine and bamboo.

   a happy new year.

      Frances Kakugawa 2021

My make-shift kadomatsu from my limited Sacramento yard.

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