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HI H Pahoa storyTo people of Kapoho and Pahoa, the Hawai’i Herald generously used my story on Madame Pele’s visit to both these towns as their cover story. My open letter to Pahoa, and an excerpt from my Kapoho book may be of interest to you. Thank you. Yes, that’s me on the porch in Pahoa village during my last visit in September.

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Don’t tell me there weren’t damages on the Big Island. The residents in the Kapoho part of the island must be hurt to hear  media report  damages were at the minimum. They are still  out of electricity, water, no cell or land phone services. One resident told me over the phone, “We’re living in Kapoho again.”

The American Red Cross didn’t come through at various centers. A few residents waited two hours in line and had to walk away without water. There weren’t food and cots at one center. There were days for prep.

On the national media level, and here in Sacramento, too, they need to learn their geography. Many anchors  were giving out news from Waikiki showing blue skies and sun bathers while the eye of the hurricane  was passing over the Big Island. Hawaii is not Waikiki.

There’s also some looting so my question to the Civil Defense is: Isn’t there a way to work with communities before disasters strike? Develop a sense of one’s humanity to another and create a community spirit throughout the entire state so one’s spirit  of honor and kindness is kicked in,  the minute disaster occurs? Just a thought.

Hawaii is not receiving the help they need because of media coverage among other things.

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