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  1. I bought a Raley’s gift card at the counter along with other groceries. When the recipient of the gift card tried to use the gift card, it was blank. I spoke to the cashier and she referred me to the manager on the floor. She said without proof of purchase, she couldn’t help me. I told her it would be difficult to find the receipt since I do all my shopping at Raley’s and the cost is included with other costs. She said she had no authority to help and I had to speak to the main manager.

Why is a manager  who has no authority to help customers placed on the floor?

She took my name, credit card # and said manager will call me. I never got the call. I went in person after a week and I was told, without a receipt, they can’t help me. That many customers walk away with those gift cards and later return to use them. Common sense tells me if this is a problem, why do they continue to have these gift cards made so available?

And why am I being treated with such indignities and distrust because of others who have abused these cards? I spend hundreds of dollars at this shop . Manager could have checked my purchases to see that I’m a regular customer and could be trusted with my problem.

I called my bank to send my July’s statement because that was the month I had purchased the card. Only after they saw a purchase  that had no taxes added, did they believe that I had purchased that gift card. It took over half an hour to resolve this after I had given all the information.

  1. I had to see three personnel to get the $5 sale price on Mondays. I finally called the manager and she apologized and said she needs to train her personnel. No, I told her, you don’t place workers on the floor who are not fully trained and haven’t this store been in business for months? Not a good reason.


  1. Produce dept: Filthy with poor signage. I tried to purchase white peaches but they were all placed together with other peaches and nectarines. I asked someone in Produce to  identify them and he couldn’t and he agreed that signage is very poor. There are no prices or  names of produce on many of the items. Raley’s TV ads promote local produce but you won’t find this to be true. Very limited Organic section.
  2. Since the store opened, there is yet to be someone at the Less than 10 Items counter. Customers need to go through long lines to pay for a cup of Peet’s coffee. Many don’t have the patience from my observation.



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Stay away from me today. I’m grumpy.

This is one of those days when the smallest of imperfections balloon into a FranGRRRR.

At Safeway, I had less than 15 items in my basket. The 15 or less checkout was not available because two shoppers with  carts filled to the top with groceries were  in line.

I checked out at a regular register. Check – out  left my package on the counter and began to serve the next person. This had happened last week, too, when check-out  left my four bags of grocery on the counter, shoved them on the side so he could serve the next person in line. What? What happened when they put your purchases  in the cart for you?


Today was my FranGRRRR day so I spoke to the manager. “There’s no sense in having a 15 or less check out  if that rule is not regulated” I told her. ( I’m so darn obedient, I have never gone to the 15 or less checkout if I had 16 items. I picture being dragged away in handcuffs.)


“Look at my grocery,” I pointed out. “They’re still hanging in that bag next to the counter. What happened to customer service?” She apologized. I suggested that she observe check-out at Raley’s where each check out has a “bag person” who will take the groceries to your car.”


Earliar in the day, at CA Family Fitness Center, I met up with another FranGRRRRR. There’s a sign banning cells in the exercise area. This isn’t working. There’s one woman whose conversations are heard half way across the room. This morning a woman was sitting on a machine, reading her ipad. I finally asked her if she were still using the machine. She apologized for getting too involved with her electronic game. This is a common sight; people using their electronic gadgets, sitting on machines. Grrrrrr.  I don’t want apologies. I want managers to regulate whatever rules are set up on their premises.


Yesterday, the Sears repairman came to check our refrigerator. He didn’t have the parts so we will now have to wait two weeks while he places in an order. Why can’t these repair people have a supply of basic parts in their vehicles? Grrrrr.


There are still 7 hours left in my day. I should stay indoors.

A thought: if managers can’t fix even the most obvious, I should stop hoping for world peace, human equality and a healthy and safe environment. Unless…unless, they let people like me  rule the world.






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Hello, Sacramento!

I must be back from Hawaii after that 6-week book signing/lecture tour.
How do I know? Because once again I’m back in a place where we all look alike.

The baggage boy at Raley’s followed me out asking, “Are you in Congress?”

Me: Am I in Congress?

Lad: Yes, are you a Congresswoman?

Me: What if I said yes? ( I suspected he was mistaking me for Rep. Doris Matsui as did that elderly
woman at Crocker Museum who insisted I was wrong when I told her I was not Matsui.)

Lad: My friend got appointed to West Point by Doris Matsui and I thought you could do the same for me.

Me: What district are you from? Do you know who your congressional representatives are?

Lad: No, but I’m from the Sixth District.

Me: You can’t do this alone. Are you in high school?

Lad: I’m a Junior.

Me: You need to see your counselors and let them know of your interest. You can’t do this alone. You need to go through your school. Will you do that?

Lad: Yes, thank you.

Scene II: I walked into a doctor’s office in Sacramento and the specialist assigned to run me through some test began with:

You look familiar.
Are you????

I quickly told her I wasn’t Doris Matsui or any other Asian woman she knows. That this was my first visit to her office. She chuckled and suggested that I need to work my resemblance to Rep Matsui to it’s full potential…that I could have the best seats in town if I used a blazer jacket and pretended to be her.

Yeah, I must not be in Hawaii any more. Drivers no longer wave me “thanks” when I give them space to cut in, nor do they wave me “you’re welcome” when I wave my thanks to them. No one gave me their luggage cart at our airport as that local Hawaiian did when I arrived in Hawaii. “Save 4 bucks,” he said, “Here, use my cart.”

When I called for a cab at a Waikiki hotel, the Valet asked me, “To the airport? What? Don’t you have any friends or family to pick you up? You gotta take a cab?” I knew then, I was not a Hawaii local, having to take a cab to the airport.

I’m confused, folks. Who am I? Where should I be?
Doris Matsui…how about lunch one day so we can compare faces?

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