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Poor Wordsworth.  There’s no rest for a mouse poet who writes poems to save trees. I sent him to  the Sacramento County Supervisors Office when I heard about a group going in to save the majestic oaks trees that are being destroyed to make room for swimming pools and other home improvements. I hope Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer! makes a difference.

WW Oak Tree

Wordsworth was thrilled to be in this photo with Mr. James Schbert, Senior Landscape Architect for the County and Mr. Howard Schmidt, Chief of Staff for Supervisor Susan Peters. Way to go, Wordsworth.

The Bulldozer


    there was a place I sat and wrote

    to music played in my concert grove.


        branches rubbed against branches,

        coconuts dropped to the ground.

        vines snaked and squeaked their way

        seeking the hot noon sun.


        frilly fronds danced the wind,

        lacy limbs brushed their leaves.

        sparrows, mynahs spattered notes

        low c’s, high c’s and in-between.


        it was a place for violins, cellos,

        trombones, flutes, and  piccolos, too.

        Oh, what music to my ears.

        Then the monster came.






      he gobbled up notes

      oh, what a beast.

      he chomped and crushed,

      grunted and groaned,

      belched and gobbled

      everything in sight.


      oh, what a monster,

      oh what a beast

      to eat my trees.

      to eat my trees.


Wordsworth fell asleep thinking, “Gachump, Gachump.”

from Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer! by frances kakugawa Watermark Publishing

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