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This past Christmas, a friend sent me a gift box of oil and vinegar from Saratoga Olive Oil; they were the best on salads: Basil Olive Oil and Cranberry Pear White Balsamic. I ordered a few more bottles today of varied types. Look at the email I received. Yes, this may be a form letter but I read it as a personal one and know I will continue to do business with these folks. Do give it a try. Their products are wonderful. This is the email I received.

Thank you for your order.

frances, You Rock!

It was just another mundane day at our
office when suddenly, Sophia took a look at the computer and her
eyes widened. "YEEEHAAA," she cheered! "We got an order from

Julie jumped up from her desk, almost
spilling her blackberry balsamic infused seltzer water, and ran
across the warehouse to give Sophia a flying high five. "We did
it! We have an order from frances!"

The entire warehouse erupted in cheers.
"Sweet Caroline" blared from the speakers (Clint is a HUGE Neil
Diamond fan) and everyone picked up their favorite air band
instrument and started jamming away to the tune.

The entire Saratoga Olive Oil team is
thrilled you're a customer! Thank you so much for your support
and for giving us a reason to cheer on another champion of great
quality gourmet food products!

As soon as we're done exchanging
high-fives, we'll send you tracking information so you can track
your package.

If you have any questions or concerns:

* Log into your account to check the
status of your order

* Email us at info@saratogaoliveoil.com

* Call us at (844) 465-4836 ( tel:8444654836 )

The Saratoga Olive Oil Family

P.S. Our packaging peanuts are biodegradable. For a fun activity
with your kids, add them to a sink full of warm water and watch
them disappear!

P.S.S. If you included a gift message with your order, rest
assured that we won't include an invoice with prices in the

( https://saratogaoliveoil.com/pages/recipes )

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