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Dear Mr. King,

If you hate readers who sneak to the ending of your books first, you gotta hate me. I’ve echoed so many times that if a writer wants you to read the ending first, he or she would have placed it in the beginning or right in the middle.

But…but…it’s not due to my lack of respect for you as a writer, it’s because you have so artfully crafted your stories with such suspense and intrigue that I just had to skip to the ending.
I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t sleep, worried if the characters who became so real, would still be alive in the morning.

So what I’m saying is, it’s really your fault that with each of the books I’ve read these past three weeks, I had to cheat and find out the ending hundreds of pages prior to the end. Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers were spellbinding. As was Christine.
Your On Writing, a must read for everyone, made me feel we are now friends but will restrain from calling you Stephen.

Now, you have started on the next book, haven’t you, and you won’t be turning me into a Morris Bellamy, or would you?

Cheers Stephen…I mean Mr. King.

a devoted fan

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Stephen King: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I highly recommend this book for writers and non-writers. What a delight to read of his
childhood memoirs at the beginning of the book. I have this image of King taking a pair of chopsticks to his childhood and carefully picking up the best of stories, leaving behind, a pile of stories for later use, or none at all.

Yes, I agree, it’s the story that counts, nothing else, really.

These stories are followed by the craft of writing. He takes us into his head as he writes. What a pleasure to be in the company of a writer as he writes from drafts to final copies. I don’t agree with everything he’s said and I’m sure he will applaud me, saying I can do this because I have found my own voice, not his.

Writers, if you think you got a lot of rejection slips, compare them with King’s.
I so enjoyed his bloody honesty and use of language. Nice to share belly laughs with King. At the end I wanted just one more chapter.
It’s this kind of a book.

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