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Our country has been ruled by men. Our history is filled with wars and conflict.


The first, second, and third grade students at the San Jose Suzume No Gakko summer school

gave me something to think about.


After introducing my children’s book: Wordsworth! Stop the Bulldozer!,

I took a Tonka bulldozer and walked toward the students saying:


“ The bulldozer is coming toward your favorite tree. How will you stop the bulldozer?

The bulldozer is coming ,the bulldozer is coming.”


Ww and BDozer

A boy: I will get an axe and wreck the bulldozer to pieces.

A boy: I will pull the driver out and take over the steering wheel and drive the bulldozer away.

A girl: I will talk to the driver and tell him why the tree is so special.

A boy: I will stand in front of the tree and the bulldozer will have to drive around and around and it will run            out of gas.

A girl: I will go to all the homes and knock on their doors and tell them about the bulldozer and ask for their              help.

A boy: Did Wordsworth pray in front of the  bulldozer?

I rest my case.



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WW with notepad

The Suzume No Gakko Summer School in San Jose

invited me to speak to their students in grades 1 – 6,  on being an author. It was to captive audiences that I   shared stories on how my Wordsworth books were written. But when Wordsworth made a surprise visit, the stage became all his.

Wordsworth was pretty excited and it looks like he shaved off his whiskers that morning. One alert first grader brought it to his attention.

WW's tail

Wordsworth promised to dance the waltz with everyone at his next visit.


Ww with kids

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