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Hey  Putin

Sit back a week or two

With your Russian predecessors  

Etched in the world with admiration and honor

Unlike tyrants, murderers, war criminals

Covered with ashes and human blood,

On dusty back shelves of Russian history.


Listen to Tchaikovsky’s symphonies –

Spend an evening with Swan Lake –

Get on your yacht with Leo Tolstoy

And War and Peace.


You  wish to be the most feared?

The most statued figure in all of Russia?

Be among the true greats of your history books?

Pick up your pen, Putin.


Poets were feared more than the KGB

During days of famine and war.

Pick up your pen, Putin,

Write a poem or two or more.


On the shelves of  891.71, between
Tsvetaeva and Pushkin
There is space for you.


A statue of Putin

In St. Petersburg and Leningard

Poet of Peace.

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The images from Ukraine are heart-breaking. I will continue to send hope.


The thunderstorm sends flashes of fire

Icy, cold stones of hail…

A sunflower seed cracks open it’s shell

Pushes, pushes, through fire and ice

 It’s first sign of life forth

Toward the promised morn…

Soon, soon, from Kyiv to Mariupol

 From Lviv to Odesa

A thousand sunflowers

Burst  into the new morn.

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