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Wordsworth is now in Germany with Teresa and her grandson.

Teresa was a first grader in my Jackson ,Michigan class years ago.

Some quotes from Teresa…on how Wordsworth is making a difference.

WW DAnces Teresa

I am in Germany visiting my 4.5 year old grandson Henry. We had a long car trip today, so we read Wordsworth Dances the Waltz, which I had brought along to share.

I got a little choked up reading parts of it, thinking of my own mom sitting in the nursing home room by herself most days. The story is beautifully written and illustrated.  It is the first Wordsworth book we have read.  I read it aloud in the car, so everyone heard the story, although only Henry and I saw the pictures.

Henry learned what a poet was, but I remember Wordsworth the Poet explains what a poet is much better than Me!  Henry was very curious about the children doing Karate.  He also counted 1-2-3 each time it came up in the story.  Of course, being a dancer, I counted 1-2-3 to the proper waltz beat.  I told him I would teach him how to dance the Waltz when we get back to Berlin!

While riding in the car, we then played the Wordsworth’s Rubber Band game with the clouds.  Henry has a vivid imagination!

This past week we spent a lot of time touring Bavaria and castles and going on hikes in the woods.  Henry protected us from dragons and wild animals with his wooden sword (or a stick if we left the sword in the car).  It was nice to see him so interested in everything around him, whether it be informational signs with animal footprints or tree leaves, new playground structures, patterns on the pavement stones, or learning to read a map.

Henry told me he wanted to read the other Wordsworth books too.  I have a good idea now for his Christmas gift!

4 WordsworthBooks

Your gift of writing has had an enormous impact all over the world, to all ages, and all types of people.  You are a gift to all of us, as you encourage us to look inside of ourselves and find love, grace, imagination and creativity.  Thank you.  ❤️ Teresa

I taught her well, didn’t I? This came in later from Teresa:

I told Henry that you taught me to read. And then later you taught me to be a poet too, by trying to write like Frances did in her poems. And then, even later, you taught me to understand what it’s like to be a caregiver, to grieve, to love so much your heart breaks, and to simply let life go at it’s own pace. You’ve never stopped teaching me! ❤️ Teresa


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This came in from Wordsworth:

Wow, call me teacher/poet/mouse from now on. I worked with some pre-schoolers and they loved me. One little girl was afraid at first but she became a fast friend. The teacher who read my Wordsworth Dances the Waltz had to stop because she got tears in her eyes. Wow…we were connected. Thank you Patrick Toal. Frances wasn’t even there…I went solo. My next class is at the Hilo Library on May 23rd. 2 WW in HI classWW in HI class6WW HI class

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To Wordsworth the Poet fans, please check him out at his own FB page. He’s complaining that no one goes there much. In today’s post, he is complaining how he was not flown first class from Sacramento to Honolulu to Hilo. He also explains how he was created. He’s getting pretty verbal, now that he’s so well-sought by his fans in Hawaii. Do you know Maui has now invited him over to visit their schools to teach them about Alzheimer’s and memory loss?  No, I was not invited.



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My hi-lite of the event came from a 4 year old boy. When I read a poem fromWW Dances the Waltz, he asked, “Why did you write so many 1,2,3?”  I explained the waltz and asked him if he wanted to dance the waltz like Wordsworth? He and I danced the waltz and soon, two other children joined us.

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On July lst, Oceanic Channel Time Warner and Core Group One launched a new TV station called iAGE and Wordsworth the Poet from one of my children’s books and I are part of this debut. I will be featured under Talks with Frances and my Wordsworth Dances the Waltz is now an animated film.

I had the pleasure of spending two days in Hawaii filming and taping for this channel. What a venture entering the world of filming.

Wordsworth and I see children watching his story with their grand- or great-grandparents followed by some personal conversations.

The iAGE Channel can be seen on Oceanic Channel 342 or 1342. The programs are on-demand, where viewers can select and watch any program any time of day. Viewers use their remote control to choose a video. Right now the iAGE Channel is only in Hawaii, with mainland markets in the planning stage.

So friends in Hawaii, please turn to this station and feedback will be appreciated. If you don’t watch this, how will I become that actress I so dreamed of becoming growing up in Kapoho?

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To my L.A. friends, please join me at the following conference. Will be giving a keynote address:

Genki Conference: noon-4:30 p.m.

April 27, 2014.

Venice Japanese Community Center
12448 Braddock Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90066

The Genki Conference is designed to help you live life to the fullest by addressing the eight dimensions of wellness: physical, occupational, financial, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental.
Caring for a loved one can be physically and emotionally challenging. But knowing what to do, what to expect, and who to depend on may help lighten the load on your shoulders. This conference offers tools and practical resources with compassion for current and future caregivers.
Keynote Presentations:

Family Dynamics in Caregiving
Christina Irving, Family Consultant, Family Caregiver Alliance
Are you caregiving from a long distance, thinking about having your parent move in with
you, or having to make decisions for your loved one? These are common issues many
caregivers go through which may create tension among other family members. Learn
how caregiving affects family dynamics and how you can communicate with family
members effectively.
Please note that the event will be filmed and /or photographed. By registering,
you agree that we may use your likeness to promote Keiro and its events and services.


I Am Somebody: Dignity in Caregiving
Frances Kakugawa, poet and author of eleven books, three on caregiving
Come for a poignant, inspirational session which will remind you that you are not alone. Glean wisdom from a seasoned caregiver who has dealt with some of the same experiences, feelings, and struggles that you do–and triumphed.
Noon–1:30 p.m. Registration
Lunch and Resource Fair
1:30 p.m.–4:30 p.m. Program
 Mr.  Ms.  Mrs. Name:____________________________
E-mail address:_________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________
Registration Form
Please cut off and return
Genki Conference: Car egiver’s Ed ition
Sunday, April 27, 2014
Space is limited and reservations are required.
Please register by one of the following methods:
• Register online at http://www.keiro.org/genki-conference-registration
• Email kkusano@keiro.org with the subject “Conference
Registration”’ and include name, phone number, mailing address,
your first and second choices of breakout session, and indicate if
you would like consultations from an attorney or a pharmacist.
• Call (323) 980-2353
• Mail the form to:
Genki Conference: Caregiver’s Edition
325 Boyle Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90033
I would like a free consultation with a(n):
 Attorney  Pharmacist

Breakout Session (choose one):
1st Choice:  A  B  C  D 2nd Choice:  A  B  C  D
Breakout Session Topics Speakers Description:
A: Hands-On Caregiving
Barbara Fukuji, P.T. , Whittier Hospital Medical Center
Cheryl Nakagiri, P.T., DG Therapy Group
Myra Chang, O.T., Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Ali Kamada, P.T., Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Janis Ozaki, P.T., Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Learn how to assist your loved one safely
and comfortably.

B: Age in Place Kathleen Cole, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM &
Shirley Nakaki, P.T., CAPS, ECHM
Home Accessibility Specialists & Partners in
Adapt=Ability, Solutions for Accessible Living
Learn how to make your home work for
you with a focus on safety, comfort and
convenience while embracing the concepts
of healthy aging.

C Options and Resources for
Long-Term Caregiving
Claudia Ellano-Ota, LCSW, Executive Director,
Caregiver Resource Center – Orange County
Learn what options are available for
long-term care and how much they cost.

D Health Care Reform
and You
Shawn Miyake, CEO, Keiro Senior HealthCare Learn how the Affordable Care Act impacts
you and our community.
FREE for All Attendees:

• Bento Lunch sponsored by an
anonymous donor
• Program
• Resource Fair
• Health Screenings by
• Free consultations with
estate planning attorneys and
pharmacists (available by
appointment only)

Win the all-new
2010 Honda
Civic Hybrid

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2013 Training  Conference by  Brookdale National Group Respite Program

I was honored to give the keynote address  and two workshops  at the 2013 Brookdale National Group Training Conference in Denver, CO.

Keynote address: I Am Somebody: Dignity in Caregiving

Workshop 1: Poetry Writing

Workshop 2: Children and Family Members with Alzheimer’s Disease

fk audience-1DEnver pic

What a pleasure to be in the company of devoted health professionals from denver pic 2about 30 different states. My gratitude to Carmen Mendieta and Mary Asenjo and their staff for this inspiring and informational conference and for inviting me, for the second time, to speak at their conference.

Reading Wordsworth Dances the Waltz

photos by Victor Biggs


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To  caregivers who are using their pens to  preserve the humanities  of caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illness, this is for you.



I’m shipwrecked

On this Isle of Caregivers

Send Help!


A bottle, sealed with wax

Washes up to shore. Inside,

A pen and sheets of blank paper.

©frances kakugawa


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  Mr. Kevin Kawamoto wrote a very generous review of WORDSWORTH DANCES THE WALTZ, in their special Alzheimer’s issue in the Hawaii Herald. Thank you, Mr. Kawamoto & Hawaii Herald! (Psst, Hawaii readers:  if you want a coupon code for 40% off when you buy books from Watermark Publishing, do get a copy of the Herald!) I’ll   be in Hawaii in March to speak at  various events. I’ll sign your books then.
Look, I am in the Hawaii Herald newspaper! Mr. Kevin Kawamoto wrote a very nice article about my book, WORDSWORTH DANCES THE WALTZ, in their special Alzheimer's issue. Thank you, Mr. Kawamoto & Hawaii Herald! (Psst: if you want a coupon code for 40% off when you buy books from @[71673657848:274:Watermark Publishing], go get a copy of the Herald!)

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My mother said to a minister a month before she died, “Don’t let me be forgotten.” She’ll be pleased

to know she is helping me make a difference among loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease. Our gratitude to

journalist Karleen Chinen and the Hawaii Herald.


Hawaii Herald

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