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I sent my problem with CVS Specialty Medications to the CA State Board of Pharmacy.

The following was attached:

“I was prescribed Repatha for my cholesterol.

Received a sample kit.

CVS quoted over $100 a shot with Medicare and Blue Cross/Shield prescription coverage.

Went to Walgreens and was quoted $500 a shot.

Called CVS Specialty Medications.

Informed them I couldn’t afford $100 a shot.

They changed the cost to $15 a shot.

In the meantime I saw Amgen’s ad on TV quoting $5 a Repatha shot.

I called CVS Specialty Medications. They said it was for a different insurance coverage.


I took the sample shots and got rash reactions. Specialty Medications said to stop

immediately because I was allergic. They will cancel my prescription.


CVS at Arden in Sacramento said I had a specialty medication prescription waiting for me in Hawaii. What? I moved from Hawaii more than 14 years ago. How did they get this personal information?


I called Specialty Medications: They said I will be charged for Repatha if the returned drug is not in good condition. I didn’t fill the prescription nor did I even touch it. How can I be charged? I was told that is their regulation. Repatha needs to be refrigerated and it was sent to Hawaii.

I need help in not being charged for a prescription I never filled. I also need an explanation why they kept changing the price on me.

I had another problem with a prescription for Fluorometholone OP 0.1

The local CVS had it in supply but would not fill the prescription because their home office wants an alternative. They advised me to go to Safeway where it was filled.

I need answers to this, too. Why is CVS controlling my prescriptions with different prices and drugs.

I received a statement for $30 for a prescription I didn’t fill.

I left a message at CVS Specialty that I was not responsible for this prescription and the CA State Board of Pharmacy will resolve this for me.

As expected, I received an immediate call from CVS, Chicago. The woman kept calling me Frances as though we’re good friends and said to disregard the statement I received. I told her the problem is still unresolved and the CA State Bd. Of Pharmacy will be contacting them. And now I wonder how many patients obediently pay these companies for their greed without making these irritating phone calls and writing letters and filling in  forms, etc.

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