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This was taken from my niece’s backyard where I’ll be staying in Hilo.

Ah – Mauna Kea.

Beautiful Mauna Kea

Awaits my return.

t's backyard


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hibiscus 1


Hawaiian style morn

Seven blooms on the 5th day.

If only twas May.


Sacramento, CA

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Papaya haiku



Ah Chameleon

You turn the ordinary

Into a haiku.


How can a lizard

Create such pure elegance

On  a papaya?

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There will be no haiku poems on Trump for the next four years in respect for Basho, Issa, and all the Japanese haiku poets who found beauty, elegance, inspiration, meaning and simple joy in nature, people and our universe and who sought and found the most select language ever available to share this with us. But…I will still write non-haiku, loosely written verses:


The gigantic kite soars

Toward the hot orange sun

Deaf to voices from Icarus’ flight,

He hurtles down and buries

The country in black ash.

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Hey Crow


You gotta lose weight

If you wish to be the star

On top of the tree.

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Black Crows

crows 2


Black crows punctuate

The silence of wintry fog

With conversation.














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crows 2


Even crows inspire haiku moments, moaning and groaning

like Poe’s bells…bells…bells…



Black crows punctuate

The silence of wintry fog

With conversation.


Edgar Allan Poe

There. Right there, reserved, a spot

For Raven’s Nevermore.



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