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I’ll be giving a lecture on writing at the Northern CA Publishers/Authors dinner meeting:


Topic: How to be almost famous and not so rich

  1. How writers write, how readers read
  2. Sell books without sales talk
  3. Live in the readers’ world to improve one’s own craft and for national exposure


Date:  Thursday, Sept 12, 2019

Place: Denny’s

3529 Auburn Blvd ( Watt Ave and 1-80)

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Open to public, free.


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Hi Folks,

Do let me know if you plan to join us…fhk@francesk.org

GCW flyer

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Please drop by to say hello, Oahu friends.



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When I’m reading in the middle of the day instead of doing chores or writing, I know I’m in a good book. Here are some of the titles not necessarily current:

A Little Life (read it twice)

Little Paris Bookshop (read it twice)

Hillbilly Elegy


Smilla’s Sense of Snow (read it twice)

Shakespeare Saved My Life

The Underground Railroad

The Bell Jar (had read this in my youth..enjoyed it differently this time).

Am rereading Magic Mountain by Mann because of a funny story attached to this book. I organized  a book club for residents in the condominium where I lived in Honolulu over a dozen years ago. I began with Winnie the Pooh and it was a great success with a math professor, a chemist, a fireman, a high school teacher, a marine biologist, a micro-biologist among others. Other children’s classics followed and discussions were heavy with philosophy and the intellect along with our inner child, until the micro-biologist began to complain and insisted on Magic Mountain for our following month’s selection. So we did. I read the book and appreciated the introduction to this book.  No one showed up at our next meeting except for the micro-biologist and that ended my book club.

Hey, anyone for the Magic Mountain?

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Once Upon a Time


Soon, soon,

I will be sitting alone

Under a tree perhaps,

Turning pages of a book.

The sound of paper, delicate

As hummingbird wings joins the rustling of leaves.

I take the top right corner of each page

Between my thumb and forefinger and savor

The sound now lost to man.


“Why are you weeping?” You will ask,

With Kindle in hand.

“Because this is the last book on earth.”

“A book?” You will ask. “What is that?”

“This” I say, and hand you my book.

“What is this?” you ask.

“That is a bookmark.”

I will then turn to the front of the book.

“This is an autograph signed by the  author.

She signed this to me in real ink eons ago

In a place  called a book store.”


Frances Kakugawa

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Me and Charlie

NYC  is about good friends. And only a dear friend would wear this to dinner three nights later. IF you have read Charlie’s most recent book: To Hell and Back: Last Train From Hiroshima, or his Titanic books, or my favorite science fiction Dust, among many others, you’ll have an idea how a cup of coffee can last  three delightful hours and more.  Thank you, Charlie. Now go write your autobiography.

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