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My letter to the airline President reached customer service who emailed me by addressing me as Mr. Kakugawa. ( I didn’t correct them, thinking maybe males have more power) They sent me the form to fill out with my physician…it states “Hospitalized patient” so since I was not hospitalized, it doesn’t apply to me.

I asked for their rationale in charging us so much for changing reservations and twice that was ignored. I wrote a letter to Honolulu’s paper: Letters to the Editor and to one of their US senators, Mrs. Hirono,  to do some research in such a monopoly. The senator’s office said since my address is CA, they can’t respond. What???? Mrs. Hirono, you are a U.S. senator.

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I was charged $538.38 for changing my flight back from Hawaii to Sacramento, due to medical reasons. I’m giving the commencement address at my old Alma Mater ( Pahoa High School) in mid May and need to return for some medical tests. One change = over $500.

President  Mark Dunkerly…this is as bad as dragging me down the aisle. How much more money do you want at our expense?

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In the Sunday NYTimes today, Mark Dunkerley of Hawaiian Airlines was featured on how he uses the Aloha Spirit, the deep cultural roots of Ohana and Hui in running the airlines. This is my letter to the editor with copy to Dunkerley.

To the Editor:
Mr. Dunkerley’s definition of Ohana, Hui, and the Aloha Spirit  is exactly the problem.
He relates them to his office view, lunching with his staff, and art work on his jets. I understand now why customer service is not on his agenda. Same fares between islands, whether it’s a twenty minute or a 45 minute ride?
Initially, Hawaiian Airlines was for the people and fares differed between islands.
There are two lounges for first class customers: the more plush for the more elite who are able to afford a higher fee.
Aloha Spirit?
Profit is his goal. Question to Mr Dunkerley: Why was I charged $144 or was it $244,  to change a simple reservation?

No, please have someone redefine  these island cultural traits to you so you can better represent Hawaii at the true Hawaiian spirit. Hawaiian Airlines doesn’t represent Hawaii.  OHana, Hui and the Aloha Spirit go beyond your beautiful office where you use your binoculars to see the city scene. You insult us in Hawaii.
You have not responded to my letters directed to you in contrast to your boast that you read all your letters.

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Why aren’t the airlines warning potential passengers to Hawaii about the increasing spread of dengue fever on the Big Island? It’s now centered around the Kona area, source unknown, but precautionary measures are being done in the Hilo area. Both residents and visitors are being affected.

Today I spoke to a worker at the post office who was leaving for Kona and she knew nothing of Kona’s spread of dengue fever.

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To my islands I return for a visit…the islands where:


Drivers toot their horns, show the shaka sign, or wave at you when you give them right of way or allow them to change lanes in front of you. We say “You’re Welcome” by tooting or waving back.


On the Hamakua Coast and the road to Volcano, drivers of large rigs will slow toward the side, toot their horns, and wave you on…telling you it’s safe to overtake.


Speed limit is 50 mph on highways


Local strangers at airports will give you their luggage carts and welcome you home as one man did at Honolulu Airport. He got another cart for himself.


McDonalds serves Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice.


Sales persons are accommodating with their Aloha and Mahalo and more conversations are based on who they are rather than on corporate guidelines.


There is that spirit of grace in the knowing silence that exists in this place where there are more listeners than talkers, more da kine connections and that relaxed atmosphere: ocean waves coming in to shore, palm trees moving in the breeze, people driving and walking a little bit slower. And that sense of humanity, Hawaiian style, that is still being preserved in the middle of the Pacific.


They somehow make me forget the vog, the humidity, the high prices and Hawaiian Air who won’t let me change my reservation.

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I tried to change my date of return from HI to CA…since I used my mileage plus for my fare, I can’t change it . They do have seats but since I used 40,000 miles for my fare, there is something crazy about “no seats available” since I used mileage plus.  BUT if I paid for the seat with MONEY,  I would have a seat. To get my 40,000 returned, I need to pay $100 for transfer fee. $100 to hit a few keys to return my mileage to my account.  President Dunkerly, can you explain why there is no seat, when physically, there are seats available. I have flown Hawaiian Air my whole life since childhood in Hawaii. I know, that doesn’t count…only $$$$ does?

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