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on Racism

This is an excerpt from a chapter in my Teacher You Look Like a Horse book. This chapter covers how I made changes in children who came to class with vocabulary such as Jap and the N-word. By age five, they were well taught by adults. I will donate this book to any school district interested in knowing how one person handled racism in the classroom.


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This is an interview with  Asian American Curriculum. Hope there is something here for you. Thank you ….


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I think this story deserves another reading….

Do you remember Tyler; my little friend with the big heart from Montana? When he heard someone had stolen the sunflowers from our front yard last year, he asked his grandma to send me seeds from his garden. He sent me four large sunflowers, all seeded. I sent him the following letter a few minutes ago.

Dear Tyler,

This week, my friend Red was digging the front yard. We turned our lawn into a flower and vegetable garden.
That’s where we planted our sunflowers.
After he put all the starter plants in, a little girl, about age 6, stopped by. Her mother was in a wheelchair.
This is the conversation:

Girl: Are you planting sunflowers?
Red: No, these are all vegetables.
Girl: That’s a tomato plant.
Red: Hey, you’re very good. You know your vegetable plants.
Girl. What’s that?
Red: That’s Swiss Chard. When these vegetables are ready, we’ll share them with you.
Girl: How about the sunflowers? Last summer, I saw your sunflowers so I went home to draw one and I drew one that looked just like your sunflowers.

Tyler, I wasn’t going to plant sunflowers this year because California is having a terrible drought. We even have Water Patrol to see that we don’t waste water. But after I heard that little girl, I took out your sunflowers and planted them. I also sent some to my friend in Hawaii. So your sunflowers will soon bloom in California and in Hawaii.

Tell Grandma to take you to Hawaii to see your sunflowers in bloom.
I will send photos when they are in bloom. We just planted them.

Are you having a good summer.
You are my sunflower friend.
Love, frances

The sunflowers, they bloomed.

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Ill be on at 4, Hawaii time, 7 p.m. CA time. If you care to join us, please check in at the following half an hour or earliar.




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Earth Day

I am Earth

Do not poison me

Do not pollute me

Do not smog me

Do not drought me

Do not insecticide me

Do not tamper me

Do not Hybrid me

Do not Monsanto me

Do not rape me

Do not kill me

I am Earth

I am you.

frances kakugawa

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6 Feet won’t protect you.

In Sunday’s NYTimes,  it’s clear by illustrations that a sneeze from a person with Covid-19 can cover a person 6 ‘ away. No one seems to know where this 6 ‘ protection came from as research hasn’t been done.

WHO says 3 feet, CDC says 6 feet, MIT says 25 feet.

MIT says a sneeze can reach someone 22-25 feet away. First they said it’ not airborne, now they are saying it is.

Until the facts are in, I plan to go with MIT and leave the guess work to the White House.  Better safe than sorry. I suggest you do the same .

Stay safe. frances





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Thank you black crow

For your company this morn.

Are you Poe’s raven

Calling Nevermore?


Thank you majestic oak

For the symphony above

Hi C’s, low C’s

A chorus of chirps, baton free.


Oh, sparrows, sparrows

Wait, wait, you can’t go

Seven on a telephone line,

Complete your haiku ere you go.


Such was my walk this Friday morn,

Around the silent mall

With nature’s best

For companionship.


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The poets, in droves

Lick their pens, salivating

Over metaphors, turning

Death into life. It must be

National Poetry Month.



During one of my poetry writing sessions with 3rd graders, this was my contribution. Not quite up to par with my students’ poetry.


A Poet’s Declaration


I am a star

In the Milky Way.

I am the crest

On emerald waves.

I am a dewdrop, crystal clear,

Capturing sunbeams in the morning mist.

I am that dust

On butterfly wings.

I am that song

Of a thousand strings.

I am that teardrop

You have kissed.

I am a poet!

I am! I am!

I am that rage

In the thunderstorm,

I am that image

Of a thousand form.

I am magic on each page.

I am a poet!

I am! I am!

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