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I know both my letters to the editors of the Sacramento Bee and the Miami Herald won’t be published. Mr. Leonard Pitts, Jr, in his editorial states: “To our credit, we are a nation that has always united in times of national crisis. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, when the Russians launched Sputnik, when the terrorists flew planes into skyscrapers, we ceased…to be red or blue or black or white. ..we were Americans.”

Mr. Pitts, really? We rose to the occasion after 9/11 and December 7th as Americans? Where is your history? We rose to racism and fear. After Pearl Harbor, have you forgotten the internment camps, the killings of Japanese-American’s and America’s refusal to allow them to return to their community? Have you forgotten how the sons of those in internment camps fought for our country under the 442nd and 100th Battalion while their families were interned as enemies merely because of their faces? Are you aware of the Asian-American attacks today that it took Congress to pass the Anti-Asian Crimes Bill? There are more such  history after 9/11.

May I suggest you read Facing the Mountain by Daniel James Brown, recently released. Really, Mr. Pitts?

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